But it is a pity that after Zhang Jian killed Demon Lord Changyang in one fell swoop, Demon Lord Mo Shen was wary and was unwilling to take risks himself.
In fact, Mo Shen Demon Lord was right to be cautious.
/If he had forced his way in regardless, Zhang Jian, with the blessing of his own Heavenly Dao, would be absolutely sure to kill the opponent in the True Realm of Immortality.
However, Mo Shen Demon Lord was reluctant to retreat, which also made Zhang Jian have doubts in his heart.
What does Demon Lord Mo seem to be waiting for?
Waiting for civil strife in the Immortal Realm to break itself without attack?
Zhang Jian pondered in his heart.
He thought of the sudden fall of the promenade world.
Thinking of the ‘time bomb’ in the True World of Immortality again, Zhang Jian had a clear understanding in his heart. There was a hint of coldness in the depths of his eyes, and he immediately sent back a message that fell into the True World of Immortality.
Then continue the retreat.
But not long after, Taojun Zangxiang came running over again.
The Taoist king had a gloomy look on his face, and he reported it.
“Tianzun, the Nine Infant Demon Saint has come to challenge me again. She said a lot of unpleasant things in front of the battlefield between the two realms!”
Zhang Jian opened his eyes, frowned slightly, and said immediately:
“Leave her alone, scold her back, and let her enter the Void Dharma Realm directly if she is brave enough. I will fulfill her wishes!”
Taoist Master Zangxiang nodded, he was also aggrieved for Zhang Jian.
Although this Heavenly Lord forcibly took the three of them as ministers, he was actually the backer of the True Realm of Immortality.
Foreign enemies have arrived and are so rampant. Naturally, his heart is towards his own Heavenly Lord!
On the battlefield between the two realms, the Nine Infant Demon Saint stood with his eyebrows upside down as he listened to the obscene words spoken on the other side, but he was more worried.
The patrolling Tianzun was much thicker-skinned than she had imagined. No matter how she challenged or scolded him, he would not come out.
The goal cannot be achieved, and the Nine Infant Demon Saint is worried that there may be variables in the conspiracy between the demons and the Demon Lord Mo.
She could only hope that the patrolling Heavenly Lord would be temporarily distracted by them.
This is the best case scenario.
The worst-case scenario is undoubtedly that the other party has become aware of their plan. If a trap is set up, Demon Saint Baize who sneaks in first will probably face great danger.
The Nine Infant Demon Saint listened to the unpleasant yelling and cursing in his ears and ignored it at this time. He returned to the Nine Infant Palace and then summoned a group of demons to fully assist the Black Ink Army to break through the world barrier outside the True Realm of Immortality as soon as possible.
In the Guixu Demon Realm, the Mo God Demon Lord stands on the