This was one of Zhu Peng’s many gains in Hanshanyuan, the immortal and rare treasure squeezed out from the body of that incomprehensible alien envoy: “The Record of All Things in the Netherworld”.
/Feeling the faint fluctuations coming from this immortal treasure, Zhu Peng knew very well that as long as he activated his magic power here, he could open the “Netherworld Vientiane Record”.
It is not impossible that this immortal and rare treasure can use the endless souls of the blood sea purgatory here to directly evolve to the very top level. It may even surpass the level of Shura Gourd and reach the level of a real magic weapon. .
Because the blood sea purgatory in front of us is different from the blood sea purgatory in the Shinto hell. It is man-made and does not have the blessing of the corresponding gods. The strong man in the alien plane who wants to use the golden elixir cultivation to proclaim himself a god can use his own power to control the laws of the Shinto. With the realization that he could devour the endless sea of ??blood in front of him, not to mention directly forming his own realm of the Kingdom of God, but in any case, he could reserve a large amount of material foundation for establishing the Kingdom of Hell. Zhu Peng should provide a large amount of resources with the strong man from another plane. A handful of super treasures were combined.
However, the endless sea of ????blood in front of him is used to strengthen the blood defense structure and provide defense energy for the blood ridge when the seven doomsdays come down. Although he can still kill and save more, Zhu Peng is not so crazy that he can completely ignore it. In the realm of mortal life and death, need is one thing, but waste is another.
Therefore, even though he knew that the opportunity was rare, Zhu Peng still stretched out his palm with determination and directly grasped the scroll of the Netherworld Record floating in front of him. A faint purple aura emitted from his palm, like a layer of water bubbles. The entire dark scroll was shrouded, and the faint black ghostly aura of the scroll itself suddenly dimmed, and finally disappeared.
“Pay attention to the difference in the ratio of souls to blood in the endless blood sea. Once it exceeds the warning line, tell me immediately. The blood Zerg can still fill the gap, but in terms of souls, we really have no choice but to sacrifice blood to mortals. At most, When I arrange the layout, I try to choose relatively older people to reduce the loss ratio of young people.”
There may not seem to be much difference between the same life, but in fact, there is an essential difference between a young life that can live for fifty years and an old life that can live for twenty years. Zhu Peng has no way not to do it at all. There is a sacrifice, but he can relatively reduce this sacrifice ratio through his own methods.
For example, t