He looked into the depths of the mausoleum at this moment, suddenly stepped closer, stretched out a hand and just pressed it slightly, then shattered the door of the mausoleum.
The scene inside emerged.
However, with just one glance, Chao Mu suddenly frowned.
The many bronze divine generals and golden bodies guarding the tomb on the periphery were fine, but next to the tomb, most of the ever-burning lamps inside were extinguished.
This is an ominous sign.
In addition, there were several coffins that were erected on the ground inside. Several of the iron chains were broken out of thin air, and one of the coffins had already fallen to the ground.
Looking carefully, it turns out that it is the coffin of Wei Yuanyang, the great ancestor of the Great Qian Dynasty.
At this time, a corner of the coffin was cracked. Looking carefully, there were no bones inside the coffin, and only a dragon robe was buried with him.
The two of them looked at this scene and didn’t take it seriously, but when they looked at the changes inside the imperial mausoleum, they looked solemn and felt something bad in their hearts.
This is completely broken Feng Shui.
It seems that this backlash is much bigger than they imagined.
/The figure’s expression was not very good when he saw this. He said in a deep voice: “I will restore the imperial mausoleum and build an altar to pray to heaven. I will continue the reign of Daqian for thirty-six years. This magic weapon will be used within thirty-six years.” It will definitely be done, and if we move to the imperial mausoleum in the next period of time, we will be able to pass this test smoothly!”
Chao Mu frowned tightly when he heard this.
Having said that, I’m afraid it won’t be that smooth.
However, he had been mentally prepared from the moment he started this game. After all, they had stolen too many creations, which would harm the peace of the world.
“It’s a pity that the Cave God is not here, otherwise there is no need to worry if he comes forward!”
Chao Mu made no secret of his confidence in the Dongshen Cult Ancestor and his distrust of this figure.
/Hearing this, the figure glanced at Chao Mu, pondered slightly and then said. “You are in charge of the black-clothed guards. During this period, pay attention to changes in the outside world. The dragon energy leaks out. New hidden dragons will rise in the counties, and other dragon veins will also sprout. If we can capture a new dragon vein, we will take it. If you use it, you will definitely be able to find a way to renew the vitality of the dragon’s veins and make up for the flaws!”
Hearing this, Chao Mu nodded lightly.
On the observation deck, in the following days, Zhang Jian noticed that the damaged terrain deep in the impe