Now the Evil Saint, the Goddess Lingkong, has been successfully killed.
But there is another problem, and that is the ‘evil guests’!
This ‘evil guest’ refers to no one else, but Zhang Jian!
If Zhang Jian is unwilling to leave, there will be a huge problem for the Jade Emperor to attain enlightenment.
It is easy to invite the gods but difficult to send them away. The Jade Emperor has seen the power of the green sacrificial fire with his own eyes.
/The true body of the Yuanshi Saint can be incinerated.
/This is a terrifying divine power that transcends [concept].
And Zhang Jian does have the motive of being an ‘evil guest’.
This is the calamity that the Jade Emperor, the Great Heavenly Lord, will surely experience when he attains enlightenment.
Zhang Jian glanced at the Jade Emperor, who was high in the sky, and thought a little in his eyes, but saw that as the Jade Emperor waved his hand, a huge portal emerged from the depths of the chaotic dimension of space and time, leading to the outside world.
Zhang Jian glanced at the Jade Emperor, and was weighing it deep in his heart.
For him, it is actually more in his interest to destroy the Jade Emperor’s enlightenment.
The birth of the first Yuanshi Saint in the Saintless Era will definitely affect the pattern of all heavens and worlds, not only the human race, but also him.
He is almost certain that when the Jade Emperor realizes Hunyuan, he will become interested in his secrets.
No original saint can resist the temptation of the unknown power.
This will affect his future practice.
Just all kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind, but he didn’t choose to take action after all.
It’s not that he is concerned about the causal connection with the Jade Emperor, nor is he taking any chances.
But after destroying the Jade Emperor’s enlightenment, he was also cutting off his own escape route.
At that time, the secrets on him will be completely exposed to the eyes of the saints, and become a bargaining chip in the deal between the Jade Emperor and the saints.
Compared to the other saints, the Jade Emperor in front of him was easier to deal with.
Because at least in front of Zhang Jian, it is still knowable.
And when he absorbs the vast back-feeding from the sacrifice between his eyebrows, the Great Luck will be able to be on an equal footing with the Jade Emperor.
Zhang Jian glanced at the Jade Emperor, and he knew that the Jade Emperor must have expected this, including part of his thoughts.
This is an invisible game between two people.
It depends on who can persist to the end.
With a thought, his body turned into a stream of light and disappeared in the center of this chaotic dimension.
Seeing the fierce blue sacrificial fire turning into vast fire dragons passing through the chaotic dimension of time and space, something strange appeared on the expression of the Jade Emperor.
There may not be a trace of happiness deep in Tao’s heart, or there may be an inexplicable co