But this is normal. Zhang Jian had a vague understanding through a contest with the Gu family before. There should not be many people who practice orthodox methods in the world. Most of them may have just accidentally obtained one or two volumes of left-field magic. , based on this.
Just look at the Gu family’s cards.
After learning that there might be strange people in the Zhang family, he did not continue to pester him even if it cost him his own face.
This illustrates a situation. There may not be any strange people at hand. Even if it is possible, it is used as a trump card to press the bottom of the box, and it will not be used indiscriminately.
Now that he has mastered the Wind Movement Technique and Thunder Movement Technique in the Small Wind and Thunder Technique, and has also begun to learn the Soul Purification Spell, Zhang Jian is still a little confident.
As long as you don’t encounter a being who has truly cultivated magic power, if you can’t defeat him, you can at least escape.
He has been working hard on Fengxingju recently.
Narrowing his eyes, Zhang Jian said directly: “Fourth uncle, I will go first and open the gate of the village first. Your whole army will come forward. Even if there are one or two warlocks from other sects, the prediction is correct!”
Despite what he said, Zhang Jian felt a little regretful.
It’s not worth destroying the archway of the Jishan Family. Otherwise, we would bring the archway here and see which side sect wizard dares to mess around!
However, the guard composed of the yamen officers in front of them also had imperial status. In addition, Zhang Kuinai was a Fengxi County captain. Although he was only a ninth-rank official, he was still an official. He had the aura of dragon and tiger, so he could still intimidate the heretics.
“Okay, I’ll wait for the army to arrive soon!”
Zhang Kui’s face was solemn. He spurred his horse slightly, and immediately ordered his guards to pass on the order and prepare to march into Fengwei Mountain.
Also clear the roadblocks.
Zhang Jian was extremely fast in Fengwei Mountain. Now that he had made a decision in his mind, Zhang Jian still chose to believe the truth he had deduced.
Along the way, Zhang Jian found that there were almost no hidden whistles on the road, and then saw several mummified corpses in the dark woods.
There was still a strange idea on it that made him nauseous.
This further confirmed Zhang Jian’s suspicion.
/In Fengwei Village, Zhang Jian’s body was soaring into the air, with several yellow talismans attached to his legs and feet. In a trance, he seemed to be able to control an invisible layer of air. His keen innate spiritual sense gradually found the rhythm of the wind.
He has practiced Feng Xingshu to the point where he can enter a house.
Just because of the lack of enough practice data, Zhang Jian was unable to break through this barrier in a short time.
Relying on the wind movement technique, he easily bypassed the tall village wall and knocked out the bandit who was watching the wind in