He had read the introduction of this kind of strange acupoint in “Gui Yuan Ce”. This acupoint was one of the twenty-eight kinds of excellent Feng Shui acupoints.
The ranking is above famous acupoints such as Qinglong Tuzhu Cave, and second only to Fire Dragon Cave.
People say that if the ancestors are buried in the Fire Dragon’s Cave, their descendants will be emperors.
There is a fire dragon vein under the fire dragon cave, which breeds the soul of the fire dragon. If you get it, you have a certain chance of giving birth to the Fire Virtue God’s fate among the Five Virtues, which shows its amazing power.
/The wing-spreading point of the bird also has miraculous powers. The bird itself with its wings can pull the power of the stars in the sky, allowing future generations to command the three armies.
Mr. Feng Shui was right.
In particular, this acupuncture point has a certain chance of giving birth to several kinds of amazing star destiny, such as the three stars of Sha Po Lang.
Zhang Jian pondered slightly.
If it was the Dingyuan Marquis Mansion, then he might be able to take advantage of the situation and set up another Feng Shui formation around it to attract the power of the Big Dipper Stars.
Sha Po Lang is among the Beidou Stars, including Wen Wu Lucun, so there might be some unexpected gains.
Even if it doesn’t happen, there will be a guarantee.
“The gathering of two of the three stars of Sha Po Lang is enough to help my Zhang family complete their great cause. Next, I only need to follow the steps to become a sage, and then I can successfully take over this beautiful mountain and river, and achieve the foundation of immortality!”
Zhang Jian looked calm.
“Dad, what are you looking at?”
Zhang Yi didn’t understand what Zhang Jian was thinking at this time, and immediately raised his head. He felt that the grave in front of him was bare and boring.
“It’s nothing, I’m just looking at the bright future of my Zhang family!”
Zhang Jian smiled softly.
Zhang Yi tilted his head. He didn’t quite understand what a bright future meant.
At the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion, after Zhang Jian returned, he used conch to contact Bai Liying.
Inside Zhenlong Taoist Temple
Bai Liying was currently deep in the water eye, surrounded by turbulent undercurrents, and in front of her eyes were water nets.
At the restricted end of the water network, there are some spiritual creatures nourished and grown by spiritual intelligence, and in the distance are patches of vine and dragon forests.
Vine dragon, rumored to be one of the dragon species, belongs to the blue dragon lineage.
It controls the wind and thunder power of wood between heaven and earth.
The vine dragon forest in front of you is said to have been transformed by the blood of an ancient green dragon. The vine dragon forest contains abundant green dragon charm. Only by passing through the restricted water network in front of you can you enter and understand the green dragon charm, and collect vines. The fallen branches in Long