“Good spell!”
Seeing this scene, Chao Mu’s eyes lit up.
He could tell that this was a Yin Shen level spell, with vast power, extremely strong defensive capabilities, and seemed to be able to reflect.
/But the next moment, Zhang Jian’s fingers were spread out, like a strong blue light blooming from them.
The blue lotus leaves bloomed one after another, and a layer of holiness, compassion, reincarnation, and the vast Taoist charm that penetrated Yin and Yang bloomed from it.
There is a deeper flavor of redemption.
When Chao Mu saw this scene, he couldn’t help but look solemn. In the green lotus, he seemed to see a majestic god-man who redeemed the world was born from it. His appearance was very similar to the ten-direction rescuer deep in the Jiuyou underworld. Godly appearance.
But there seems to be something different inside!
But when a ray of redemptive divine light swept down into the depths of the Dragon Vein’s Resentful Evil, there was a fighting soul inside that was separated from the Resentful Evil. Its fighting soul’s obsession was actually penetrated by the warm cyan light, and its obsession collapsed. , turning the violent energy into peace, each of them involuntarily clasped their hands and stood in the void, and at the same time turned into a stream of light and submerged into the green lotus the size of a roulette wheel.
Seeing this scene, Chao Mu’s eyes flashed.
At this time, his eyes were a little over-shocked and fearful.
In charge of death, he is the most aware of the tyranny of the resentment and obsession of dragon veins. Even he, the real Yuanshen who holds the power of death, can only collect a limited part of the battle souls. If there are too many, he will face the backlash of the dragon veins. risk.
Even if a dragon vein backfires, Daoist Yuanshen may not be able to withstand it.
But he was devouring and suppressing it, rather than making it more difficult to transform.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t over-extend a few war spirits. The key point is whether Zhang Jian can over-extend all the resentful war spirits with the power of dragon veins.
Zhang Jian is in a good state.
The resentful fighting spirit deep in the dragon’s veins is a huge piece of fat for the improved Soul Purifying Green Lotus Curse.
The Green Lotus’ precious light bloomed, and many fighting souls were directly transformed and entered the netherworld through the reincarnation portal inside the Pure Soul Green Lotus.
Deep in Zhang Jian’s mind, he could feel that the Qinglian magic model swallowed up the soul essence pouring in like a river, and gradually condensed into shape.
/The radiance of the suffering-saving Qinglian Tianzun inside gradually grows, exuding a layer of vast and majestic divine power.
But as the suffering Qinglian Tianzun absorbed the essence of many souls and took shape, it began to reach an upper limit, as if it could no longer bear it.
“Has it reached its limit so soon?”
Zhang Jian was slightly surprised.
At this time, he sensed that the soul-p