Feelings of love and affection surged in his heart, but Zhu Peng turned around and punched him without hesitation.
“My apology, my guilt, I will naturally repay slowly in the future. Now, Master, take a rest and get some sleep, and wait until I finish and kill this old monster behind me.”
A heavy punch hit Li Shishi’s soft lower abdomen. Zhu Peng put his cheek close to Li Shishi and spoke softly. Li Shishi, who had clearly been demonized and controlled his mind, seemed to hear it. His body slowly fell down, but his bright eyes gradually closed, as if he was very relieved.
With a tender look on his face, Zhu Peng gently put Li Shishi down, and then removed the girl’s limbs by dividing the muscles and bones.
/There was nothing he could do about it. Zhu Peng didn’t want Master Li to be controlled by a demon and rush up to him when he was fighting desperately in front, and give him a knife. In that case, both he and Master Li would be in pain, and he was in physical pain. Master Li was heartbroken.
Zhu Peng, who had done everything, stood up slowly. At this time, he was dressed in armor and looked heroic. Five bright yellow gemstones and two sky blue jade were inlaid around his waist, which contrasted with the cyan spirit armor around him, making him look even more gorgeous. Unparalleled.
This is a box of treasures obtained from Su Yu. When worn on the body, it can strengthen Zhu Peng’s protective essence and the thickness of the essence by about twice. This is also the difference between Zhu Peng and Li Zhen. When Li Zhen heard that his granddaughter was in trouble, he immediately rushed into the valley.
Chapter 132: Madness, Outstanding Person
In the end, he was found, and he was beaten so hard that he ran away in embarrassment, except for a harsh word, which was of no use.
Zhu Peng, on the other hand, has carried almost all of his family’s wealth with him. Now when he encounters an opponent whose cultivation is ten times stronger than his own, he is especially able to use his tactics to fight back. Of course, if Li Zhen had not seriously injured him, Zhu Peng would never have stepped forward rashly and would have fled away with Li Shishi in his arms.
Due to the great magical power of the ninth level of Qi Refining and the terrifying effect of splitting the earth and sealing the border, all the spiritual energy in the surrounding area of ??the three-tailed demon cat was rejected except for the element of earth. Even the sand that was magnetized and transformed by Zhu Peng’s elemental magnetism , was gradually washed away by the earth element energy and changed its nature.
In the battle for geographical advantage and general situation, the three-tailed Bai Ling gradually took the absolute advantage and took the initiative, but Zhu Peng chuckled, laughed wildly, and laughed, as if he didn’t care. He took a step and walked out of the hiding place where he had concealed his