“Please lead the way!” David said politely, returning a military salute.
“Get in my car!” The major officer glanced at Ensign Mawson who was still sitting in the driving seat of the ‘Deathwing’ assault ship. He did not extend an invitation to Ensign Mawson. Instead, there was a cold look in his eyes. Then he turned to David and invited with a smile.
David sat in the major’s adjutant’s hover car and drove smoothly all the way to the underground parking lot of the military headquarters. After more than ten inspections during this period, the hover car didn’t even stop.
After getting off the hover car, he took an elevator in the underground parking lot. The elevator traveled vertically and horizontally for a distance. When he opened it again, he saw the internal corridor of the military headquarters.
The Battle Star Military Headquarters is very large. It is a huge office. The building alone covers an area of ??several square kilometers. If there is no Shadow Attendant in the sky at this time, it would be difficult for him to locate his position after going through the elevator. .
But it was different with the shadow attendant. The shadow attendant in the sky saw David in the middle of the entire building complex.
“General, Lieutenant Colonel David is here!” the major’s adjutant led David to a door and knocked gently on the door.
“David is here, let him come in, and you go prepare a portion of juice, just use the portion I have allocated!” said a loud voice from inside.
After hearing General Adams’s words, the major’s adjutant looked at David with a more sincere smile.
As early as when General Adams invited David, the Major Adjutant knew about the friendship between David’s father Hans and General Adams, which was a life-or-death friendship on the battlefield.
Now hearing General Adams’s arrangement, the Major Adjutant realized even more how much General Adams valued David.
/The juice rationed by the general is the best juice in the Battle Star Military Headquarters. It is provided by the Divine World and is only supplied to a few people in the Federation.
David walked into the office and saw General Adams not sitting in the office chair, but sitting on the sofa nearby.
“General Adams, Lieutenant Colonel David has been ordered to come!” David saluted.
“Come, sit down, there are no outsiders here!” General Adams smiled and waved, motioning for David to sit down.
David had met many high-ranking people during this period, and he was not afraid at all. He followed General Adams’s instructions and sat down.
“Seeing your appearance reminds me of Hans when I was young. That guy was so handsome too!” General Adams said with a smile.
“General, I haven’t thanked you for helping me before!” David thought of General Adams’ help when he was still on Rock Star. Although the extraordinary person was solved by David himself at that time, the favor was important.
/“David, please call me uncle when no one else is around. Your father Hans and I are the best