There were also waves of magnificent sword intent that were difficult to destroy in all the ways of heaven and earth, spitting out from his body, and the unparalleled golden sword light was cut out from his hand in an instant, pouring out the sword light across the void for billions of miles of time and space, as if there was innate sanctity and the void. The heaven and earth were opened in the depths, layers of golden light shattered the heavenly network, and the pure sword intent swept away with the supreme sword intent that shattered everything.
This pure and vast golden light bloomed at this moment with a sharp force that could not be resisted by the three thousand laws of heaven.
Master Black Pond’s face looked horrified, and his whole body instantly turned into a black god. The light sank into the depths of a black ink river. However, he saw the golden sword light slashing through him like a sword. The layers of the heavenly network were instantly annihilated and severed. He even saw the golden light slashing through Master Hei Pond’s face. The transformed Mo River split it into two, and large areas of the Mo River water turned into black gas and evaporated in the golden light, almost completely cutting off this vast Mo River without beginning or end.
The fierce sword light caused the faces of the powerful heretics who were beating Shi Zu to change.
This vast Yuanshi divine power has far exceeded their imagination.
Even though they have strong Yuanshi origins, they cannot reach such a terrifying state anyway, let alone exert such divine power that can sever the will of heaven.
Is an innate treasure with pure attack attributes too terrifying?
Chapter 848: Catch them all in one fell swoop
In other words, the foundation of the Earth Emperor God is not weaker than any extremely powerful person in the sky.
This is a fact that many strong people may subconsciously ignore.
/The other party is not just relying on the power of two innate treasures.
Even if there are not two innate treasures, I am afraid that Tao Xing is not inferior to those ancient Taoist ancestors in the sky, and even to the Heavenly Emperor, maybe even worse.
This is the thought in the minds of a few strong people!
/The appearance of this thought immediately made many powerful people marvel.
Zhang Jian’s eyes swept across the place where the Mo River evaporated.
The Mo River is the manifestation of the Tao Fruit of the Supreme Taoist. The evaporation of the Mo River naturally represents the death of the Supreme Taoist’s true body and his vitality.
The reason why it was said that his vitality was seriously injured was because Zhang Jian was able to confirm that the opponent’s energy still existed in the void of the heavens.
The wisps of Imperial Golden Spirit Sword Qi attached to his true body were a