There was a loud noise, and the entire void was shaken. The sound was unprecedentedly loud, and it was louder than any sound Lu Bei had ever heard before.
The earth rumbled, the void shook, the Xumi formation dispersed, and the huge white space suddenly disappeared.
Everyone returned to the main hall, and the white jade ground beneath their feet collapsed inch by inch. The bottomless black abyss swallowed everything, and the infinite gravity dragged everyone’s bodies, pulling them together to fall into the abyss.
/At the end of the dark abyss, the overwhelming aura of chaos is frightening, as if something terrible is about to awaken.
Han Miaojun’s body fell, and he flapped his wings to stabilize his balance. He was shocked to find that the abyss had infinite gravity, like a devil’s cave. The more he flapped his wings upward, the faster he fell.
Moreover, the movement, virtualization and other spells are all ineffective, and there is no way to escape.
Looking at Xiang Muqing falling in the distance, she waved her hand and lit the lotus lantern. The holy beam formed a bridge, resisting the heavy pressure, and was able to guide her disciple to her side.
“I will send you up first. No matter what happens below, don’t do it.”
Han Miaojun explained quickly, wrapped the lotus platform towards Mu Qing, took out the magic weapon Yunluopa and sent it high into the sky.
Yunluopa flew up unsteadily, and fell down under the boundless gravity after a moment. She secretly thought there was trouble, and built a bridge with the beam of light, arriving at Lu Bei’s side not far away.
At this time, Lu Bei was swimming in the air and had just found Bai Jin and Zhu Xiushi. He said something similar to Han Miaojun to Bai Jin and looked at Zhu Xiushi angrily.
“What are you doing standing there in a daze? Change it quickly!”
Zhu Xiushi was dumbfounded when he heard this. His IQ and figure were incomparable at this moment. He thought for a while before he understood the meaning of Lu Bei’s words. Under Bai Jin’s stunned gaze, holding the five-colored stone in his hand, he transformed into an indistinguishable look like Lu Bei.
How could she?
Bai Jin’s eyes became sharp. Affected by the decline of her wisdom, she was particularly concerned about Lu Bei. She became jealous regardless of the occasion and suspected that her junior brother had someone behind her back.
If this person is She Zhang, Bai Jin said it would be expected.
A woman chases a man, Junior Sister She is charming and charming, Lu Bei makes a mistake when traveling, it is normal to take the wrong road. Moreover, Junior Sister She came first. She was a latecomer to the fight for love, and she had previously helped bridge the gap between the two of them. It was normal that the sword did not cut off all the ties.
What happened to Zhu Xiushi? Where did he come from?
Not to mention that Bai Jin was full of resentment, Lu Bei looked at the handsome face that was just like his own, condensed his fist with the immortal sword intent, and struck a hard blow to