This made Lu Bei very upset. He was afraid that Lu Dong had other ideas. The little monk was no match for the wind on his side, and he, the source of all evil, might be in danger of his life.
Dreaming back to the past, the last ally who had thoughts about him was Huang Xiao. Lu Bei cut through the mess quickly and slept with the little yellow croaker at the speed of light, which made Huang Xiao become more honest.
But obviously, the same trick is ineffective against the young monk. If he is single, he cannot fall in love with the abbot Zhengqing?
That scene is horrifying to think about.
Lu Dong did have an idea and blew the wind a few times, but the young monk ignored it and insisted on his agreement with Lu Bei. The source of all evil was clearly Lu Nan, the master of the Demon Realm.
Lu Bei scratched his head repeatedly, judging the gentleman’s belly with a villain’s heart, restless, thinking about ways to check and balance the little monk.
This teammate is very important, more important than Huang Xiao and Huang Yu. When fighting Yinglong, it is inevitable to let the little monk take the lead.
“By the way, what are you doing with the Dark Sky? Lu Dong wants to become the Demon Lord. Now that Lu Nan is not dead, he wants to take a position in advance?” Lu Bei asked doubtfully.
If this is the case, it would be great fun. Lu Dong and Lu Nan are fighting each other in the Demon Realm.
No, the Lord of the Future can only live in the future. Lu Dong can’t be Lu Nan’s opponent if he gets the real name of the Great Dark Sky. If he goes, it will be in vain. The young monk shouldn’t be so unwise.
Gu Zongchen did not hide anything, and clasped his hands to express the reason. It is still the guidance of Daguang Tomorrow. The Buddha in the past told him that rootless ducks cannot last long. Buddha is originally a demon. Fairyland and divine realm are not the soil for nurturing Buddha. Only Only by seizing the realm of demons can the Buddha be eternal.
/Otherwise, Gu Zongchen will be like Daguang Tomorrow, the present is the past, and he will become a past World Honored One.
/Every word is a pearl, a bloody lesson.
Daguang was suppressed by the Demon Lord before he changed jobs tomorrow, and was taken advantage of by Da Tianzun after he changed jobs. He suffered enough grievances and suffered all the losses because he did not have his own home court.
Good guy, it turns out that you want to become the heir to the Demon Lord.
Lu Bei’s eyes lit up. Gu Zongchen regarded Lu Nan as his primary target. This was exactly what he wanted. Except that the Buddha’s succession to the Demon sounded full of flaws, there was nothing wrong with it.
“Having said so much, how confident are you? The abbot of Dashan Temple doesn’t seem to like you very much!”
Lu Bei pointed at a group of bald donkeys nearby. The land and water conference was going to be held for who knows how long. Abbot Dianchi made it clear that he did not want to meet Gu Zongchen.