“What, do you really want to be bitten by me?”
Yan Xiaoshuang said nothing and sat cross-legged on the ground, indicating that she had given up struggling.
A string of question marks floated across Lu Bei’s forehead, and he turned to look at Han Miaojun, wondering what was so mysterious about the inheritance of Fu Yao Palace. Yan Xiaoshuang would rather be bitten by a dog than hand it over.
Han Miaojun seemed to have expected it, and said calmly: “It doesn’t matter if I leave it to you. She is afraid that I will get the inheritance of Fuyao Palace, and Fuyao Palace and Fuluan Palace will merge into one, completely ruining the future of Shanmen.”
“You used to be a family?”
“Who knows?”
/Han Miaojun shook his head. The two palaces were too involved and had the same fate. I am afraid only God knows what happened.
/Lu Bei became more and more curious, and conveniently added Fu Yao Palace to his itinerary. He circled around Yan Xiaoshuang twice, stopped behind her, and raised his hand to press her shoulders.
Yan Xiaoshuang didn’t resist much, just her flesh and blood body turned into beautiful jade, leaving not even a crack.
Lu Bei raised his eyebrows. As a positive character, he would refuse similar plots, whether they were paid or not.
Taking ten thousand steps back, he has always been passive, and he is the only one who is really the victim.
The five fingers tightened, and the pressure on Xiang’s shoulders made a crackling sound. When a crack leaked out of his fingertips, Lu Bei smiled without saying a word and sent out an innate energy.
For a moment, Yan Xiaoshuang’s delicate body stagnated, the beautiful jade returned to flesh and blood, and her beautiful eyes were filled with color.
Lu Bei smiled heartily and continued to send in the innate energy.
Yan Xiaoshuang gained spiritual energy, and her Taoist body full of cracks was like dew after a long drought. Although Bingshuang looked cold and disobedient, in fact, she secretly studied and tried the magical effects of the innate energy.
For ordinary monks, such as players, the innate energy is a buff halo, giving them the capital to leapfrog challenges.
For powerful monks with advanced realms, the meaning of innate energy is completely different. They have struggled with the laws of heaven and earth, and know that the inheritance of the world of immortality has been broken several times, and their own cultivation method has major flaws.
Among them, there are too many complicated truths, and incomplete days can only be considered one of them.
At present, a steady stream of innate energy enters the body, and the amount is large enough for Yan Xiaoshuang to try her previous guesses. She has gained a lot just by using the innate energy as a guide to rebuild the broken jade body, and then
Yan Xiaoshuang slowly turned her head, looked into the condescending and teasing eyes, gritted her t