Hu Er’s eyes lit up, this was really the truth.
She considered the long-term, thinking that her daughter would have too many romantic debts, that she would have a lot of beauties around her, and she also liked to work hard. It is conceivable that the number of children and grandchildren in the future will be staggering. No family with a big business cannot afford to support so many young ancestors.
“Your Majesty, what do you think?”
“Let’s discuss this later, discuss it later.”
Hu Er did not finish his words, but gave Bai Fei a look that said, “The Queen Mother likes her very much.” He placed the big red sticker at the top, firmly suppressing Mirage.
Seeing this, Bai Fei bowed and saluted, then slowly retreated behind the demons and disappeared.
“Your Majesty, Bai can only help you so far.”
“Are you Bai Yi?”
/In the secret realm of the Nine-Tailed King’s City, Lu Bei met the leader of the Baize clan who had come to seek refuge.
The name is a bit strange, but it’s not a big problem. All monster clan names are like this. If one stands out, he can’t understand it. As long as it’s not Bai Jie, he can accept it.
After Bai Yin transformed into an old man, he was plump and white, with a simple and honest smile, and he seemed to be careless at first glance.
In the world of immortality, old age generally means that the end is approaching, but it is not absolute. For example, the three elders of the fox clan, the two old foxes Huang and Black, have clearly stepped into the coffin with one foot in the coffin, but their appearance still adheres to the nature of a vixen and good looks. Sophisticated, gorgeous and extraordinary.
These three vixens are very loyal and die-hard demon emperors. Even if their human life span is about to expire, they will not look for the ascension passage and the underworld beads. They are determined to guard the tomb of the first demon emperor.
Bai Yi’s situation is different. The Baize clan is not good at fighting. They pursue art and literature on the basis of being able to fight, and their incarnations prefer a gentle and gentle image.
The appearance of a white and plump old man is conducive to walking in the human country and saves a lot of trouble.
While Lu Bei was looking at Bai Yi, Bai Yi also secretly glanced at the second-generation Demon Emperor. He saw that Tai An was holding Yan Yan’s slender waist with his left hand, and his big hands were covering the waist line. On his right side, Xiao Huan was lying with her beautiful face touching her thigh. Closing your eyes is like taking a nap.
This style and posture are really too much like the first-generation Demon Emperor, and he looks like a hero at first glance.
There seems to be something wrong, but this is how the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom is. The first generation of Demon Emperors was so poisonous that even the Bai Ze clan, as smart as they were, could not be spared.
Lu Bei was not surprised by the appearance of the Bai Ze clan, and even felt that they had arrived