Lu Bei hummed, stepped forward, hugged the beauty and kissed her, making Zhu Qilan blush with embarrassment and panting.
“That’s pretty much it. Remember, don’t use the big seal if you can. Don’t ask why. I’ll explain it to you slowly after the catastrophe is over.” Lu Bei patted his butt and excused himself to clean up the clutter, leaving behind a golden light. Leave.
At the Baijin Department, Lu Bei hurried to the scene to wipe away the smell that shouldn’t exist.
/Just as he held his slender waist, about to say some sweet words, suddenly clouds rolled in the shared sight.
She Zhang overcame the tribulation first.
Why are you anxious? The second round hasn’t come to you yet!
“Junior brother, why do you look so bad?”
/“No, nothing happened!”
Lu Bei covered his face, rubbed it, and put on a refreshing smile: “What a coincidence, there is a demon cultivator in the distance who is going through the tribulation.”
“What should we do then? Will there be any impact?”
“It doesn’t matter, I will take action.”
Lu Bei gritted his teeth and said fiercely: “In case you are defeated by him, senior sister, I will kill him right now, junior brother.”
The golden light left quickly and rushed straight to the diagonal of the quadrilateral. Halfway through, the latest battle report came from the Black-winged Golden-Eyed Eagle, and Zhu Qilan’s thunder disaster also came.
Lu Bei:
Haha, do you dare to be more ruthless?
How dare you!
Dark clouds were rolling in all directions, and thunder was pressing down from all directions. Not only did they survive the tribulation on the same day, but they also arrived at the same time.
Lu Bei:
You are so cruel, you are so cruel!
“I stood in the strong wind, wishing I could do it, and my heart ached all the time.”
Lu Bei Wushen’s singing was very suitable for the occasion, but the following lyrics were not suitable for him.
People look at the sky and the clouds are moving in all directions. With the sword in their hand, they ask who is the hero in the world. He has trouble traveling, and he draws his sword and looks around at a loss.
“Looking on the bright side, it might not be a bad thing that they go through the tribulation at the same time.” Lu Bei went straight to She Zhang’s location and comforted himself at the same time.
If they are going through the tribulations one by one, even if there is a formation to isolate them, the person who is going through the tribulation first will notice the violent fluctuations in the energy of heaven and earth in the distance, and they will definitely go and take a look out of curiosity.
It doesn’t take much, just one look can make him want to die.
Being struck by lightning together eliminated this hidden danger. After the tribulation was over, he directly threw the people into the small dark room on the pretext of consolidating their realm, and then sent them home one by one.
This is sure!
Thinking of this, Lu Bei lost his decadence and immediately became full of