Yang Dian’s tiger body trembled, and he clenched his fists and roared in his throat.
“I heard that Queen Wu’s country is beautiful and fragrant, and the Queen Mother’s charm is still there. They are both great beauties in the world. Tsk tsk, I don’t know what it is like under the fame, whether these two are moisturized or not.”
“Also, those princes and princesses who are made of pink and jade, if they are punched, they will explode everywhere, right?”
“Where is the emperor? Will the True Dragon Emperor cry? Probably not, unless I cut Xiang Wu Longmai in front of him.”
“Come die!”
Yang Dian’s long hair was dancing, he was wearing two colors and five elements, his feet were on the dragon-shaped Tiangang, he pushed away the Buddha’s light glass with both hands, and at the same time he offered five Mahayana magic weapons.
The five shadows of divided souls appeared, corresponding to the five magic weapons of the Mahayana period, which returned to themselves, namely the Tao Jue, the Demon Jue, the Buddha Jue, the Sword Jue, and the Poetry Jue.
Streams of divine fire swept away, searing folds in the dark void, and boundless air waves spread out, covering Lu Bei’s position.
Well come!
Lu Bei secretly praised him. It was true that he made some unspeakable villain remarks without conscience, which aroused Yang Dian’s fighting spirit.
The fatal blow is quite interesting. Even if he has been upgraded several times, he has to go all out to receive it.
Lu Bei raised his five fingers, and the stars and sands of the Ganges River overflowed. With him as the source, a vast ocean of stars rolled out.
The golden sea is boundless, with dazzling stars dotting it, erupting like stars with frightening power.
Star Lord.
Star array.
The sea of ??stars submerged Yang Dian, and the five magic weapons of the Mahayana period fell into silence. The devil’s heart corpse trampled the void, and transformed into hell in the depths of the vast ocean, leading to the sinking and ups and downs of the five souls.
/There is also the floating armor, the golden armor god holding the sword of the stars, cutting off the physical body, breaking the soul, and killing Yang Dian to the point of defeat.
In the vast void, the star formation formed a world of its own. The eyes were full of stars, and there was no place for him to stand.
When the sea of ??stars dispersed, Yang Dian was seriously injured and unable to stand. When he saw Lu Bei approaching, he raised his hands and clasped his ankles. His long hair covered his face, and he muttered words, sacrificing the secret method of killing two people with one heart and two lives.
“The assessment is over, you will still be a female earth bat from now on.”
Lu Beili is standing behind Yang Dian. His strength is acceptable, but his character is
At least he was loyal enough to his country to be able to be a dog in his crotch.
[You defeated Yang Dian and gained 1.8 billion experience. It was determined that the level difference between your opponent was greater than l