Lu Bei refused. He even dreamed of being attacked while walking at night. How could he reject experience? The eldest brother is about to be in trouble. Hundreds of witches swarm him. He has no power to restrain the chicken. You can imagine his fate. I am in good health, so I am not afraid.”
Hu Er was speechless for a while. Seeing that Lu Bei was determined to pursue excitement, he told him to pay more attention. When encountering a strong enemy, it would be a good idea to act, so don’t show off.
As he said this, he teased Lu Bei about missing a good concubine. The beauty snake of the Xiangliu clan almost leveled his threshold, but in the end he couldn’t even find her.
Lu Bei looked like he was mourning his heir, with a face full of grief for his dead mother.
After Hu Er finished laughing, he grabbed Lu Bei’s arm and stepped forward to blow two breaths of scented air: “Don’t be sad. The beauties of the Xiangliu clan are indeed charming, but compared with the Nine-tailed Fox clan, they pale in comparison. Remember to do it for your mother and The concubine you mentioned?”
“Remember means remember, but it’s not good. In terms of seniority, the child has to call her aunt.” Lu Bei’s memory was still fresh. Hu Er once said that this woman’s appearance was better than that of his elder brother Hu San. Such an exaggerated description made him want to forget the capital. Disaster.
/“So what, Taifu still calls you daddy!”
Damn, that makes sense!
Lu Bei couldn’t refute, so he changed the track and retorted: “But she raised a child, and the child is still single. I can’t give her my innocent body. How can I accept this injustice?”
“She didn’t”
Hu Er looked sad, and his words were quite envious.
Yan Yu was supposed to follow the same path as her, obtain the blood of the first demon emperor, give birth to future generations, and allow the nine-tailed fox clan to ascend to the throne of one emperor and eight kings, becoming the most prominent royal clan.
It didn’t.
Hu Er inquired about it, but Yan Yu refused to sacrifice herself, insisting that the myth of the first generation Demon Emperor could not be replicated, and overriding everyone’s opinions, stopped the Fox clan’s unwise move of continuing to breed the bloodline of the Demon Emperor.
There was support and opposition to this decision, and the opposition was even louder.
/Yan Yu was stubborn and threatened that as long as she reigned, her rules would be the rules of the nine-tailed fox clan, and if she didn’t obey, she would be forced to abdicate in favor of others.
Lu Bei nodded: “Yes, she is somewhat domineering and a person. She is more qualified to be the clan leader than you, mother, are.”
“Why, are you talking to her now?”
“No way, kid, just tell the truth.”
Lu Bei spread h