Da Luo Dao Palace.
The majestic and ethereal Tao charm permeates the air, and this place seems to be the source of all dharma and the birthplace of the Tao.
The endless interweaving of two rituals, four images, and Taoist rhymes was reversed from the innate nature and turned into Tai Chi.
Taoist Xuandu fell cross-legged on a cloud platform, and the Tai Chi diagram behind him hung in the air, like a bright moon, which seemed to be the evolution of the boundless heavenly way of Taiqing heaven.
The gods merged with the Tao of the Taiqing Heaven, but deep in his Tao heart there were still waves.
Taoist Xuandu slowly opened his eyes, feeling helpless deep in his eyes.
Still unable to contact Taishang Daozu, who is far away in the depths of the original ocean of chaos.
Now it seems that Taishang Daozu will not be contacted within a short period of time.
I just don’t know if other orthodox traditions can contact the saintly ancestors behind their respective orthodox traditions.
If other Taoist traditions contact their respective ancestors, it will be even worse news for the cultivators in the Taiqing Heavenly Realm.
The timing of the return of the original saints will also directly affect the overall situation of the void in the sky.
Seeing that he still couldn’t contact Taishang Taozu, Taoist Xuandu thought for a moment and decided to take the initiative.
The Taiqing Heavenly Realm has been adhering to the rule of inaction these years. Whether it is the Heavenly Court or the human race, it has never forcibly interfered, and it has never been at odds with either.
Now that the two are expanding, he still has a lot of room for maneuver.
Big deal, give up some benefits temporarily.
Taiqing Heavenly Realm can still maintain a certain degree of autonomy, but in comparison, Kunlun Heavenly Realm feels great pressure.
Taiqing Heaven Realm does not have many bets in Heaven, so naturally it does not need to face the power of the Jade Emperor Saint.
But the lineage of Yuxu Dao Palace in Kunlun Heaven Realm is different.
/It has considerable benefits in heaven.
Previously, there was a primitive saint sitting in Yuxu Dao Palace, so he could take the initiative.
Now that the Jade Emperor Sage has attained enlightenment, Kunlun Taoist Palace is the first to bear the brunt.
Previously, Heavenly Court was busy dealing with the Lingkong Mother Goddess and could not spare any time.
Now that the Lingkong Mother Goddess has been suppressed, the Jade Emperor Saint will not be polite.
In the main hall of Yuxu Dao Palace, Guangcheng Tianzun was also convening Yuxu Immortal to discuss countermeasures.
“The Jade Emperor Sage will not miss this opportunity!”
At this time, Lord Qingyuan Miaodao Daodao was sitting under Master Yuding, with a slight sigh in his expression.
He prided himself on understanding that uncle.
His uncle could endure what ordinary people couldn’t, and after going through hundreds of millions of calamities, he finally got a glimpse of an opportunity before his eyes, and he would never give