“Brother Han, I haven’t seen you for three years. Your bragging skills are getting better and better. You practice diligently every day. I admire your perseverance.”
“I don’t dare. Brother Lin’s bravery and stamina, even though he is a brute force, makes me deeply ashamed.”
The two Huangji Sect disciples fired shots at each other, saying they were being humble, but in reality they were not polite at all.
Others didn’t dare to make a heavy move, but they dared because both of them had the surname Zhu. The predecessors planted trees and the latter could enjoy the shade. Their surnames gave them the capital to be arrogant.
Zhu Shihan clenched his fists with both hands and stepped forward: “Brother Lin, the previous competition was too soft, and I almost fell asleep. Why don’t we let it go and spar with all our strength, and the loser will leave on his own, what do you think?”
“Brother Han is willing to give up the opportunity, and I will stop being hypocritical with you.”
Zhu Shilin held a sword in one hand and a fist seal in the other. Before he finished speaking, he raised his hand and punched out.
The golden fist seal spread out in the air, and the huge Buddha’s palm roared to the size of ten feet, pressing across it with unparalleled power.
In an instant, the air squeezed and exploded, locking the surrounding space with no way to escape.
Realizing the astonishing power contained in the fist seal, Zhu Shihan shrank his pupils and cursed secretly that he didn’t seek to improve himself, that he didn’t learn the secrets of the Emperor’s Sect but insisted on studying the little Buddhist techniques. He would definitely win today’s battle.
There is nowhere to hide and no need to hide.
Zhu Shihan raised his arms and shouted loudly, burning mana to drive the secret method. The roaring sound caused ripples in the golden palm, and the speed of traveling across the air slowed down instantly.
His body fell down, and his long arms reached into the sky, like a battle-hardened steel spear, blasting through the air with a terrifying roar. Amid the sound of violent airflow, it penetrated the giant golden palm with points of rupture.
The remaining power continued, and the big gun pierced down, aiming at Zhu Shilin.
“Good means.”
Zhu Shilin smiled coldly, with a flash of success in his eyes. He stepped forward, and his illusory figure suddenly dispersed in all directions. While avoiding the capture of the big gun, eight figures surrounded Zhu Shihan like clones.
When my brothers compete, they will naturally kill and never maim them, and they will never maim them if they can maim them.
Eight sharp swords pierced through, hissing and stirring the wind, manifesting tens of thousands of sword energy. In an instant, a continuous stream of sword energy was woven, and rolled towards Zhu Shihan with a rumble.
/It’s just a little trick again, you are defeated today.
At the critical moment, Zhu Shihan was not afraid in the face of danger. He clasped his hands in front of his