d to use the computer’s hard disk as a terminal to store a lot. So my attention was focused on his computer.
But immediately I felt that there was something wrong with my thinking. Why was there a problem? Because since Duan Mingdong’s accident and then Guan Qingxia’s accident, I have gone through almost all the places where secrets can be hidden in their family. Among them This also includes his home computer. If there is such a thing in the computer, I am afraid it has been discovered long ago. This means that the terminal is not at his home, but where is it if it is not at his home?
/The things I took out from the fish tank quickly attracted Zhang Ziang and Guo Zehui. They were surprised when they saw what I was holding. They naturally knew what it was. Then Guo Zehui came up to look at it and asked: ” Is this thing still usable?”
/I said: “The circuit equipment is normal and should have been storing data. Now I just can’t find the upload location of the data. I think it shouldn’t be at his home, otherwise we would have found it long ago. .”
Zhang Ziang also agreed with me, and his thoughts were very similar to mine, but for a while we really couldn’t imagine where it would be. The key is which place is safe.
When I said this, I suddenly remembered the woman who was drowned in the water tank. I remembered this woman not because of anything else, but because I saw the water in the fish tank. I suddenly remembered it. After thinking about it, Soon a number popped into my mind. After thinking about it, my eyes lit up. I looked at Zhang Ziang and the others and said, “I know where it is!”
And I soon started to get excited because I finally found a very clear clue. It cleared up many doubts.
Zhang Ziang looked at me and felt that my expression was a little too calm, but he still asked me: “Where is it?”
I said: “801!”
As soon as I said it, I noticed that Zhang Ziang’s eyes suddenly changed. Change, and finally some brilliance shone. He said, “Yeah, why didn’t I expect it to be there?”
Among the three of us, only Guo Zehui was still a little confused. He didn’t understand the direction and progress of the entire case. So he asked us in confusion: “What riddles are you all doing? I don’t understand at all.”
At this time, Zhang Ziang and I didn’t have time to explain to him, and at this time we all wanted to go to 801 to find this person very quickly. There are a few clues, but I think there can’t be no one here. After all, there are still those three jars of meat sauce, including the fact that the scene here has been reorganized. So I said to Guo Zehui: “You stay here and guard the scene, and we will report this matter.” Give it to Captain Fan, depending on what he says, I think he will send someone to support you. But no matter what, don’t touch the three jars of meat sauce in the kitchen, don’t touch it at all!” Zhang
Ziang and I gave it to Captain Fan on the way there. Fan Zhen called. Fan Zhen quickly answered and after learning about it, he said that it might not be safe for Guo Zehui alone