The thunder was really loud and the rain was small, and soon the monks all sighed. They were expecting a big battle, but in the end it turned out like this. It was like they suddenly woke up in the process of anticipating a climax, and it turned out to be a dream.
Those who watch the excitement watch the excitement, and those who watch the doorways watch the doorways.
Tianlong frowned slightly, “It seems to be able to interfere with space.”
Zilong nodded slightly, “It’s very valuable that human monks can imitate it.”
Linglong didn’t comment, just glanced at Wang Meng and left.
The demon clan showed a playful smile, this Wang Meng is really interesting.
This is quite a skillful job. The demon hid in the cracks in space to complete the sacrifice, but Wang Meng cleverly interfered with the order of space. The demon was torn apart by the laws of space and was completely unable to perform.
Although the timing is good, it is a bit opportunistic. If it is a demon clan, it would rather wait for the devil to complete and then fight.
This is a victory full of weird atmosphere.
As a member of the Dragon King’s bloodline, Linglong has a clear grasp of space. The body and magic circle of this kind of demon can perfectly fit in the cracks in space. Wang Meng waited for the demon to complete the sacrifice and then launched a space storm to tear the demon into pieces.
If the demons come out to fight, they might really cause a lot of trouble, but the power of the space storm is simply irresistible to any material.
No matter how powerful the magic puppet is, it can only avoid it and does not know how to adapt and control it.
Dead things are dead things, but Wang Meng’s power has already entered the realm of the dragon clan.
Lin Jinghao’s views are basically the same as Linglong’s, because he is also the icon of the dragon. Moreover, the Wuhuan Demon Sect already has too much knowledge, and it is obvious that Wang Meng has already mastered the ability of the holy image.
But Mingren didn’t see it that way, the Holy Light Demon collapsed. Half reality and half nothingness.
The poor devil was not torn to pieces by the laws of space, but was directly blasted to pieces by the shock wave that invaded the cracks in space.
One phenomenon, countless results. Everyone thinks that what they see is the truth, but there is only one truth.
In the first round of the main competition, all the disciples of the Temple advanced.
There are three rounds in total in the main competition. After three rounds, there will be only ten monks left in each college. If there are extra ones, lots will be drawn to add to the competition, each based on luck. In the end, only fifty monks from the five big cities can finally go to the Pure Land. This is the highest honor in the Small Thousand World under the rule of the Star Alliance.
No monk or sect would miss such an honor.
/But here, all the monks have to pay attention to each sect, and its name is the Holy Church.
There are thousands of participating sects. A