People outside are also very nervous. Can it succeed?
The Heavenly Tribulation blasted in one after another, but there was no reaction at all in the Dragon Palace, no resistance?
Isn’t this going to be hacked to death by the Heavenly Tribulation?
Zheng Dashi’s expression was serious, but he couldn’t help but feel secretly happy in his heart. He wanted to chop each one to death!
The three elders were very nervous. If they failed, the losses would be huge. The consumption of the icon body was also very huge. Akito’s consumption during this period was enough for a sect for more than ten years.
/It’s just that cultivation means fighting.
The calamity rolled around and the Hualong Pond turned into powder, and Mingren did not react at all until the end.
Ma Tianer’s body swayed. Could it be that Mingren also wanted to…
Originally, she was going to be sent away, but she was kept because of Mingren’s care. Ma Tianer already had an ominous premonition, but she firmly believed that Wang Meng would be fine and would come back alive!
“Failed.” Zheng Dashi said with an irrepressible joy.
The other monks also whispered to each other, if this man doesn’t die, there will be no chance for them.
Crash, crash.
There was a sound in the ruins, the fragments were slowly opened, and a figure stood up.
With the same plain expression, Akito raised his head and looked at the sky, sweeping away the dust from his body.
The three elders suddenly came to Akito’s side, dumbfounded, “Is it done?”
Normally, they can judge. But the problem is that this is too weird, and they are confused.
“Is this a catastrophe?” Mingren asked calmly.
“Yes, yes, it’s done, is it done?”
“Too weak.” Akito said lightly, and disappeared in a flash, leaving the three elders looking at each other.
What’s too weak? Heavenly catastrophe?
Zheng Dashi was startled and suddenly stepped back, and Mingren appeared in front of him.
Zheng Dashi was suddenly stunned. What was he afraid of? Even if he entered the Small Perfection, who knew whether he could cultivate the holy image? Not to mention that he was already at the second level of the Small Perfection. Even if he cultivated the holy image, he might not be his opponent. At least for now.
Mingren looked at Zheng Dashi, “Where is Wang Meng?”
Zheng Dashi was about to curse, but in the end he couldn’t curse, “I don’t know.”
A smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Mingren’s mouth, and he grabbed Zheng Dashi with his right hand. Zheng Dashi, who could not be polite, suddenly punched Mingren.
But Yuan Li seemed to have entered a bottomless pit.
Zheng Da Shi was caught by Ming Ren. At this time, Ming Ren was rarely indifferent. Everyone was stunned, including Zheng Da Shi who was arrested.
He no longer dared to resist.
God, it was really cultivated by him!
One of the ten holy bodies – Holy Light Demonic Body.
Behind Akito, a giant appeared, usually with a bright divine light, and one with dark magic flames burning.
Possessing two extremes of the Holy Light Demonic Collapse.
All the monks