Ni Yong smiled, “What Fairy Han said is to use personal charm and strength to obtain the second recognition of the True Essence Beast. Haha, it’s difficult, it’s very difficult. The higher the level of the True Essence Beast, the greater the difficulty, but it cannot be Deny it, if you can do it, it will be of great benefit to your spiritual practice!”
Ni Yong seems to be a tepid guy, but at this time he can chat with Han Chuxue. Everyone around him is gearing up, but he can’t speak as meaningfully as Ni Yong in this regard.
“As a weapon refiner, the True Essence Beast is just a tool. I feel that by constantly improving the level of magic weapons, we can also bring out the potential of the True Essence Beast for us to use. Moreover, this way, the safety factor is higher and it is more controllable. Emotions are the most difficult to control.”
Zhuo Meng directly sang the opposite tune. Of course, Zhuo Meng was not following Mo Chengkong’s route, but as a weapon refiner, when it comes to communication and relationships with the True Essence Beast, he just needs to strengthen the magic weapon. How simple and direct. One thing.
Han Chuxue shook his head, “This kind of oppression is indeed effective in a short period of time, but at most it just overdraws the vitality. It is not a win-win situation that I call a consensus.”
“Sister Xue said it well. I have a very good relationship with our Meishen. She is my friend. I would never bully her, and Meishen can protect me every time.”
The tenth princess Ji Jin’er said that she regarded Tianma as a companion.
Ji Jin’er’s Nine-Turn Pegasus is also the top mythical beast in Haojing, a being that is both gorgeous and powerful.
/Han Chuxue smiled slightly, “Sister Jin’er, your beauty is a state that everyone has spent countless efforts to achieve. It is not suitable for promotion. For most monks, they still need to communicate with the True Essence Beast. I don’t know who among you can.” Any good suggestions?”
The little princess stuck out her little tongue. She was a princess. The Nine-turn Pegasus established a contract with her, but she asked the Spirit Fairy, one of the three immortals, the president of the Spirit Taming Association, to personally take action. Only then could they have such a close-friend relationship. Of course, it was also because of Ji Jin’er’s pure physique is very suitable for Tianma, which is the result of the right time, place and people.
The atmosphere became easy-going, and everyone broke out one after another, using various methods, eating, drinking and having fun.
Zhang Yang next to Wang Meng is even more stunning. It’s easy to get closer to each other. Just drink with the True Essence Beast every day. You can communicate while drinking.
Wang Meng couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard everyone’s methods, and it turned into a farce. Taking advantage of everyone’s excitement, Wang Meng followed suit and planned to leave, so as not to cause trouble fo