Three big characters are engraved on the flying boat – Falling into Immortal Island.
“Is this the person who trapped Immortal Island?”
/“Isn’t there a forbidden air formation? How come the airship trapped in the fairy island can still fly?”
At this time, the knowledgeable old monk Wu smiled again, stroking his white beard and said: “You don’t understand this? As long as five strong men in the spirit transformation realm join forces, let Feizhou break through the forbidden air formation. It’s just a drizzle ban, there’s nothing the five masters of the God Transformation Realm can’t do.”
At this moment, a hazy black mist moved towards the entrance of the internal auction from a distance slowly but quickly.
/In the black mist, there is a group of monks in black. It is the group of black-clothed dead men who have a problem with the old and the young. The dead men rarely show up in crowded places. It seems that there is something they like in this auction. .
When the dead group was about to walk to the door of the internal auction hall, the airship on Xingkong Island made a roar in the sky, sprayed out colorful auspicious clouds, and landed with a roar, stopping just behind the dead group.
With a click, the flying boat lowered its side planks, and dozens of monks dressed in cross-dressing jumped out of it. They wore short shirts and long trousers, and were tied up in a uniform bun. There was a moon mark on their foreheads, which was the trapping immortal. The island’s custom logo.
But five of them were wearing traditional brocade clothes from the Great Zhou Dynasty, with patterns of stars and moons inlaid on the edges of their sleeves.
“This is the arrival of the Five Ancestors of Fallen Immortal Island.”
Old monk Wu’s eyes lit up and he continued to show off his knowledge, “The Fifth Patriarch was a member of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Later he found out that the treasure island was trapped in Immortal Island and moved there. This flying boat was a hundred years ago. The Fifth Patriarch of Immortal Island was in Aoyun, Daxia. In the mountains, I defeated all the heroes and won the treasure from the Xiao family of the Great Xia royal family.”
“You were able to win the flying boat treasure weapon from the Xiao family of Daxia a hundred years ago? How strong is the Fifth Ancestor of Immortal Island now?”
“Probably a little stronger than the Five Emperors. The Fifth Ancestor is a veteran powerhouse who rose up in the same era as the Three Immortals.” Old monk Wu stroked his white beard, and a trace of envy flashed in his eyes. He was also that one The monks of the era, but he can still only talk about it, while the strong men of the same era have reached the peak and look up to the ascending existence.
“The Fifth Ancestor of the Immortal Island is coming. The rest of the people are waiting to dodge quickly.”
The disciples of the Fifth Patriarch were extremely arrogan