This place is called the Yakuza Fortress.
The last place was Xueyue City guarded by Wang Meng. It was also the weakest link among the five formations, and the battle was the most intense. The defensive formation composed of Xueyue City and the surrounding cities was broken through several times, but was finally recaptured. , in three years, they were able to hold on to prevent the demons from rushing out of the killing space. Although it was the weakest force, the demons paid a heavy price here. Due to the constant falling into Burning with demonic fire, this place became a burning fortress again.
The Demon Clan obviously already know a lot about the situation in the Cultivation World. In the past three years, everyone knows who has had a few moments. Both sides are looking for weaknesses in their opponents. The Cultivation World wants to drive the Abyss Demon Clan into the abyss in one go. , the demons also want to occupy the above world at once.
The forms of demons are all kinds of strange, but demons are not much different from humans. They have either dark skin or pale skin, and there is a small transparent horn on the top of their head, which is also a symbol of the status of the demons.
Five hundred and forty-six born for war
Before the demon-suppressing formation was loosened, there was a war in the abyss. When they found an opportunity, the demons quickly united with the goal of breaking out of the abyss.
/Although they fought their way out of the abyss together, there was no unity within the demon clan. The three factions launched five new demon kings, with ten demon generals leading the army. A steady stream of demon clan and monsters emerged from the abyss.
There is no harmony among these five new demon kings. They are all vying to become a new generation of demon lords. The conditions for becoming a demon lord are also very simple. Whoever breaks out of the killing space first can become a new generation of demon lords.
For monks, war is just a process, and living is the goal.
The Burning Fortress has experienced several battles. Although it has been rested and rebuilt, it is still scarred, and cracks left by monsters can be seen everywhere.
Inside the fortress, it is not desolate. Instead, it is well-equipped and more lively than before. It cannot be said that with the war monks, it is not enough. The first year was very miserable, but in the later period, the five major fortresses gathered support from all the small worlds. Even if the Burning Fortress was destroyed, it was still rebuilt quickly. Although it was very tragic, the style of Killing Space is what it is, and everyone adapted quickly. After ten days of small battles with the demons, there will definitely be a big war within a few months. Fighting has become