Only after getting closer did you realize that the mature young woman, who was as fresh and beautiful as a girl, had her hands tied behind her back and was completely naked. The man grabbed her plump breasts with one hand and rubbed them wantonly, while the other hand was rubbing her breasts. There were constant strokes on her buttocks behind her.
“Please don’t go any further!”
The naked Gan Baobao’s wide-open eyes were filled with tears of fear, and his beautiful little face was so burned that it was as red as the sunset.
Under the control of Zhu Peng’s magic, she was forced to walk towards her bedroom, but there were many servants and maids living there. There are no male animals, but if someone accidentally sees him in such an embarrassing state, it still makes Gan Baobao dying of shame and anger.
/“Hey, what are you afraid of? Aren’t you still so indulgent in front of your husband just now? Now you are pretending to be innocent!” Zhu Peng, who was severely blackened, slapped her on the buttocks, and the plump white flesh bounced with the force. It’s so tender that it almost reflects the light.
“Ah!” the beautiful woman cried softly, and then took a few steps forward.
Chapter 811 Mu Wanqing, the big plan to go home
Just as the two of them were slowly walking towards the inner courtyard area of ??the valley and were about to reach Gan Baobao’s bedroom area, a dark shadow flashed out from the house where Gan Baobao lived. As they walked out, the maids around them He hurriedly explained to her: “Miss Wanqing, Miss Wanqing, please wait a moment. The slaves did not intend to deceive. At this time, Madam should have been in the bedroom. Miss Wanqing calmed down.”
/“Ah, it’s her!” Gan Baobao, who was flushed just now, turned pale at this moment. He turned his head and looked at Zhu Peng pleadingly. At the same time, the black and gray dragon-shaped energy attached to Zhu Peng’s body communicated. The energy and thoughts of the two people.
A clear image of a girl flowed directly into Zhu Peng’s mind along Gan Baobao’s mind: “Mu Wanqing, the daughter of Gan Baobao’s senior sister Shura Dao Qin Hongmian” The information slipped through his mind in an instant, and Zhu Peng felt The Five Dragons Magic that had been gradually eroding Gan Baobao’s mood has experienced ups and downs due to the shyness of his mood. Although he is not afraid, Zhu Peng does not want to cause trouble. He maintains the Five Dragons Magic and fights with others at the same time. The variables and dangers are real. Too much.
The efficiency of evil spells is unparalleled, but corresponding to it is a dangerous coefficient equal to the efficiency.
“Oh, I can’t help it. I’ll let you go today!”
Zhu Peng nodded depressedly, turned around and took the nak