This expression, in the eyes of others, mainly Zhao Wuxie, was that the food and wine were boring, and he wanted to change his appetite but was hampered by the crowd, so he was embarrassed to speak directly.
Coincidentally, he also felt that the large number of people would be a hindrance.
After the banquet was over, Zhan Hongqu groaned and lowered his head, while Zhan Lexian happily patted his daughter on the shoulder, looking very proud and not knowing what he was enjoying, just like the old general on the stage.
Mu Lichen had not touched a drop of wine and did not move his chopsticks during the whole process. He was accompanying Lu Bei at this moment, determined not to give the sect leader a chance to learn the local dialect of Xuanlong.
“Sect Master Lu, I have an unkind request, can you please discuss it later?” Zhao Wuxie closed the folding fan and pointed outside the cabin.
After finishing his words, Zhan Hongqu glanced at Lu Bei quickly, and then quickly looked away.
She said sourly that she was just an ordinary female disciple, and what the sect master thought or did had nothing to do with her.
“Let’s just say it here.” Sensing Senior Sister Zhan’s displeasure, Lu Bei refused to trade outside the cabin.
“It’s a bit hard to talk about the private affairs of the Zhao family after all.”
Outside the cabin, Zhao Wuxie looked at the vast expanse of turbulent waves, brewing his emotions for a while, and said with pity, “Does Master Lu know who the dancer just now is?”
/“I don’t know, but looking at her white hair, this sect leader means that she is obviously a member of the Zhao clan when you see her silver hair flying.”
“Yes, her original name is Zhao Wuyou, and her biological father Zhao Fangjin is an elder of my clan.”
Zhao Wuxie sighed and told a sad story.
Lu Bei listened, ignored the emotional wording, and reorganized it, roughly as follows:
Xuanlong, apart from the emperor and the king of the country, the clan does not have any titles such as prince, princess, prince, etc. Those who are successful in spiritual practice are enrolled in the military and earn military merits based on their abilities.
Zhao Fangjin guarded the border all year round, resisted the tide of monsters hundreds of times, and had outstanding military achievements. He was deeply loved by the local people, and the emperor also regarded him highly.
But in war, a victorious general will eventually suffer defeat.
Zhao Fangjin was very unlucky. He lost the battle to defend the city, and a city was swept across by a tide of demon beasts. Hundreds of thousands of lives in the city were reduced to the blood of the demon clan.
The city caught fire, affecting the fish in the pond.
When a city is broken, it will naturally affect the surrounding areas, not to mention the scattered villages. The monster army tore through the defense line and rushed all the way. It took Xuanlong half a year to close the gap.
In this battle, the casualties and losses, every name and every line of numbers are shocking.
/Although this b