“But in an instant, the calamity energy returned to normal flow. If I hadn’t been paying attention to the Nine Provinces Divine Dynasty during this period, I might have missed such changes!”
/Hearing this, the Feathered Serpent Dao Lord moved his eyes and said.
“Brother Heilian is in charge of the calamity. His pair of eternal calamity divine eyes are extraordinary. I guess he can’t be mistaken. Could it be that some strong person intervened and caused such changes?!”
There was some doubt and caution between his brows.
The expressions of the other two Dao Lords remained unchanged.
In these troubled times, this is not impossible.
Another terrifying god wearing the robe of eternal darkness opened his eyes and said at this time.
“No matter who intervenes, if the prey reaches the mouth of our hunting soul island, there is no reason to spit it out again. How about we try to test it?”
When he raised his hand, a ball of jet-black sacred light was condensed into a silk screen. Within the screen, a ball of essence and blood was suppressed. He smiled indifferently and looked at the other three Tao Lords.
“This is a ball of essence and blood of the Nine Provinces Ancestral God. It was left behind after he was severely injured several Yuanhui ago. During this period, I specially cultivated a curse and forbidden method for this purpose, just to give him a ‘big gift’!
We can test the reality of this god first. It would be fine if there is someone strong behind this god. If there is no one to support him, it will make him worse and make it easier for us! ”
He smiled slightly, but there was a dark color in the depths of his eyes.
They had received accurate information that the Nine Provinces Ancestral God had not recovered from his previous injuries, and had probably worsened to an extremely serious condition.
This is the opportunity.
Hearing this, the other three Dao Lords looked at each other and nodded slightly.
These four divine kings never take the empty road.
Chapter 682: The World-Destroying Black Lotus
Jiuzhou Divine Dynasty, Maodu.
This place is the capital of the Nine Provinces Divine Dynasty. The great fortunes of the infinite divine dynasties gather here. The magnificent divine dynasty’s great fortunes form a square of the majestic and majestic Qi Luck Universe in the depths of the void. Within the Qi Luck Universe, there is a magnificent god standing in the sky. , supporting the sky and heaven and earth.
That is the totem of the Kyushu Divine Dynasty, and it is also the main sacrifice, the ancestral god of Kyushu.
In the depths of the magnificent Divine Kingdom, it has been some time since the Nine Provinces Ancestral God returned to the depths of the Nine Provinces Divine Kingdo