Six hundred and fifty, the crime of carrying a jade
Six hundred and fifty, the crime of carrying a jade
Ji Ruyan obviously wouldn’t join in the fun there and left early in the morning. She didn’t know if Wang Meng was a heavenly master, but he was at least at the level of a master of alchemy. ////This person is so secretive, so sinister, and even more terrifying. Her road to revenge becomes interesting!
“Seventh sister? What are you thinking about?” Ji Jin’er was eager to try now.
“Ah, it’s nothing!” Ji Ruyan woke up in shock, “Jin’er, don’t go to Wang Rencai, remember what I say!”
“Why, I still want to beat him up!”
“I’m doing it for your own good. Things are a bit troublesome. Anyway, just listen to my words.” Ji Ruyan’s attitude was firm. What Xiao Jin’er was most afraid of was that her sister would become serious, so she immediately stuck out her tongue and nodded.
“Ah, I suddenly remembered. It’s almost time to practice. Hahaha, Sister Qi, if you want to settle the score with Wang Rencai at any time, you must call me.”
After saying that, the tenth princess ran away quickly.
With the 10% success experience, the promotion of other little guys depends on their own will. Zhenren Wang is also relieved. The Wang family is not in a hurry. However, last time he accompanied Ji Jiner and a group of people to break through the seal. Wang Meng also thought about the divine tower. He thought he could meet some masters in the space of the gods, but he turned out to be very disappointed. What Wang Meng needed were opponents with strong destiny, but all he saw were at the level of several thousand blocks. , and Wang Meng is so stupid that he has no interest in taking action.
I could only give up the idea of ??finding someone to practice my skills with and turned to the God Conferred Tower.
/At the base of the tower, the two huge gods are in ancient seal script, which is a very long-standing script. There is a connection between the Middle Thousand Realm and the Small Thousand Realm, such as characters. Such characters are in the Small Thousand Realm. You will also see it, especially among the ruins of ancient monks.
Perhaps, in Wang Meng’s current view, the so-called immortals and gods may be a group of monks who took off early. However, after establishing order and not wanting the following monks to shake their power, various barriers were set up, especially to restrict people like him. The existence soars.
No matter whether it was feasible or not, Wang Meng always believed in his own judgment, and there was even more desire in his heart.
/Outside, Wang Meng is both Wang Meng and Wang Rencai. Especially in the worldly atmosphere, Wang Meng is easily influenced if he doesn’t avoid it. What’s more, there is nothing that a living Wang Meng cannot do without