David’s level 4 ‘Slowing Heavy Sword’ swept towards Big Shield Chaofan. Big Shield Chaofan had already prepared. He believed that his previous judgment was correct. David just wanted to use the power of the Level 4 ‘Slowing Heavy Sword’.
But for the extraordinary large shield, a sword swung with the power of David’s peak armor, even with the blessing of a fourth-level sharpness, cannot cut through a third-level large shield with one sword.
/Because the third-level shield has the extraordinary power of the shield, the defensive power of the third-level shield has been improved.
It’s a pity that the Great Shield Supernatural underestimated David. Maybe before coming to Bedalea, David really couldn’t break the third-level shield in the hands of the Great Shield Supernatural, but it’s different now. David has mastered the Grandmaster-level shield. ‘Epee space cutting’.
The fourth-level ‘deceleration heavy sword’ struck the third-level shield with an imperceptible tremor. The third-level shield, together with the extraordinary power blessed on it, could not stop the grandmaster-level ‘epee’. space cutting’.
Big Shield Chaofan only felt a light touch in his hand, and the third-level shield that had been following him for decades was broken into two pieces. At the same time, he felt a chill on his body.
It was only then that Dashun Chaofan discovered that his arm holding the third-level shield only had a little muscle remaining connected to it, and the rest was cut off by David’s sword.
A long wound was also opened on the chest of Dazun Chaofan. The ‘super armor’ did not have any protective effect. If it were deeper, the sword would have hurt his heart.
But even so, the Great Shield Chaofan was severely damaged.
Big Shield Chaofan lost an arm, his third-level shield was also destroyed, and his body was seriously injured.
The last Chaofan also reacted. He wanted to attack David with the third-level heavy ax in his hand, but stopped at this moment.
Because he found that in just one breathless time, he was the only one left intact among the four extraordinary ones.
The only thing this extraordinary thought about was not to attack David, but to escape quickly. He didn’t even turn around to see who attacked his two companions.
/It was a good idea to escape in front of the fourth-level Zerg, but he was too close to the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’.
If you want to escape in front of the fourth-level Zerg, you must be faster than the fourth-level Zerg, but there is no extraordinary person who can be faster than the fourth-level Zerg.
Innate racial differences make the Zerg inherently faster than humans. The fourth-level Zerg is several levels higher than the extraordinary, and the distance between the two is even greater.
Just when Heavy Ax Extraordinary put away the third-grade heavy axe, and wanted to escape, the figure of the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ flashed forward, and then a lavender light flashed, and Heavy Ax Extraordinary looke