Buddhism, Taoism, Demons, and Confucianism have been ranked like this since ancient times. Why?
Could it be that Buddhism has been the leader among the four major spiritual paths since ancient times?
/Of course not. In addition to being so smooth-talking, the teachings of Buddhism are actually closer to the mentality of ordinary people, so they are highly praised by most ordinary people unknowingly.
The Confucian sect emphasizes the relationship between the emperor and the master, and is restricted by ethical laws everywhere. The Demonic sect emphasizes doing whatever you want and being unscrupulous. It sounds good and innocent, but if you think about it carefully, it is really stupid and bloody. If you think about it, Understand, there are really not many sane people who are willing to voluntarily abandon everything to enjoy the so-called “freedom” that is unbridled.
Taoism talks about conquering the heaven and earth alone, transforming and ascending, being brave and diligent, and being a rebel of heaven and earth. Even more ruthless, they even say: “Plucking out a hair and benefiting the world equally, what does it do to me?” .” and other famous sayings passed down from generation to generation. It was even recorded in many ancient books that the so-called Demon Sect was a variant of Taoism, only more nakedly violent and bloody.
The essence of Taoist practice: “Invade the creation of all things, seize the mystery of heaven and earth.” The two words “invade” and “seize” have basically explained the essence of Taoist practice, so it scared the half-understood Zhuangzi He shouted: “As long as the saints die, the thieves will continue.”
/Only Buddhism, or in other words, Buddhism, which has been preached from the Western Regions and has undergone hundreds of changes and changes over the past few hundred years, has really tried its best to save all sentient beings with Mahayana Buddhism. It is half Taoist spiritual practice and half Shinto. The practice of faith emphasizes making great vows and achieving great achievements, and has the closest relationship with the mortal believers in the world – of course, it also has a deadly feud with all those who kill mortals and kill all living beings to achieve their own achievements.
Buddhism has always been the legendary vanguard in fighting against the four evil ways of “demons, demons and monsters”. This phenomenon was not alleviated until Taoism introduced the special profession of “sword cultivator”.
However, for thousands of years, the war between Buddha and Demon has still been like a beacon everywhere. At this moment, they are locked in one place, and they don’t need the owners of two sets of skills to strengthen and destroy it, and they will naturally explode with all their strength.
However, it is really difficult for an unknown Buddhist Kung Fu to compete with an ancient secret such as the Sunflower Magic Kung Fu.
Zhu Peng looked down coldly and did not intervene, because most of the man’s palm was cut off by Zhu