Even the sealed godhead was a little touched. The memory is very fuzzy, but the feeling is very clear. I feel nostalgia and reluctance.
With Lao Mo’s character, he actually has such emotions.
“Damn, look what’s going on, I’m just hanging out here to show you, I think it’s to give you face!”
Zhang Xiaojiang jumped out immediately. He was not a coward. Suo Ming on the side had already swung out a hammer. Whoever wanted to fight was afraid of whom.
Akito smiled bitterly, Lei Guangtang is really a bunch of stupid people.
Yan Yuyue waved her hand, “Su Wu, don’t be presumptuous!”
Su Wu stared at Wang Meng angrily, wondering what the hell was this brat looking at.
Yan Yuyue didn’t think there was anything good about her. This man’s eyes were very strange. He was not contemptuous of sarcasm, nor was he lustful. He seemed to know herself, but she was very sure that she had never seen this man before.
(Thanks to Brother Wang Jinglue for the 100,000 reward^_^)
One Hundred and Eight Hundred Treasures Auction
“you know me?”
Yan Yuyue asked softly. At this moment, for some reason, she lowered her voice subconsciously.
Wang Meng sighed, shook his head, and left without saying a word.
Zhang Xiaojiang and others chased after him.
Shen Xue couldn’t help but say that the holy cultivator thinks the evil cultivator is weird, and the evil cultivator actually thinks the holy cultivator is weird.
“Haha, this Junior Brother Wang Meng has a more straightforward personality. Don’t mind me. Tianyi, haven’t you always wanted to find a master? This is the one in front of you.”
Akito said.
“Forget it, the Yuan Power of the fifteenth and sixth levels can’t even deal with me. Senior Sister has no interest!”
Su Wu said.
Li Tianyi couldn’t help but smile, “Whatever.”
Yan Yuyue looked away from Wang Meng’s lonely figure, and for some reason she felt a trace of sadness in her heart.
“Su Wu, don’t be embarrassed!” Yan Yuyue said, looking at Li Tianyi quietly, “Junior Brother Li is deliberately suppressing the level of Yuanli and pursuing the ultimate understanding of swordsmanship. The Dust Fire Talisman that just broke you was exquisite in swordsmanship and has no influence on Yuanli. His control is even more perfect, I must ask for advice when I have the chance.”
/Li Tianyi shrugged, “It’s up to you.”
After working with Li Tian for a long time, you will know that he has two mantras, casual, why bother, there is really nothing he cares about.
“Haha, as long as Junior Brother Li is i