After changing, the great elder would not leave.
The Xuanyin Division secretly investigated and suspected that the matter was related to a secret spread among the northern countries. Thousands of years ago, the northern countries were still powerful.
Although the country is in chaos, an emaciated camel is bigger than a horse, and there is no shortage of masters in the tribulation period within the country.
It wasn’t until several masters of the Tribulation Stage disappeared overnight that the Northern Territory was completely divided into the current situation.
/According to rumors, the master of the Tribulation Period did not disappear for no reason, but actually died due to internal fighting. The magic weapon was left in a secret realm. After a thousand years, the secret realm is about to appear.
The location and exact time when the secret realm was opened were only passed down by word of mouth among the exiled royal members. Nowadays, the royal members have already changed their names and no one knows where they are now.
Hu San came to the northern kingdoms, ostensibly as a special envoy to support the puppets who were leaning towards the Wu Zhou royal family, and went against Huang Ji Zong, secretly investigating the authenticity of the matter, lest all the benefits would be taken away by Huang Ji Zong.
“Have you found it?”
As soon as he heard about the secret realm, Lu Bei immediately became energetic. If possible, he would like to thank nature in advance for the gift of a magic weapon to overcome the tribulation period.
“We have tracked down some information about members of the royal family. This is Wang Hu Wang Ziwei. With his help, we were able to get the information.”
Hu San pointed at Wang Hu who was standing aside. Lu Bei turned around and saw a strong man who was a member of the Tiger General.
In terms of appearance, if you are a bad person, you will have strength at a glance.
The two looked at each other and nodded as recognition.
“The queen of the old Emperor Heze, no, she is the queen of the former King Heze. She is most likely a member of the royal family living abroad. I sacrificed my appearance and stayed with her for several nights. I was about to whip out the information, General He actually rebelled, and this matter is indispensable for Huangji Sect secretly fanning the flames.”
Hu San sneered again and again: “There are also the two masters of the Void Refining Realm who were chasing me just now. How dare they take action against me, the special envoy of Wuzhou, without the instructions of the Emperor Ji Sect?”
Lu Bei immediately became energetic. He was not interested in the general’s rebellion. He just wanted to hear the details of Hu San’s torture.
“Brother Xisuo, the emperor is already old, and the queen must be very young as well. You actually let her succeed?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, the queen’s charm is still there, her skin is fair and beautiful, and she has a lot of taste, okay?”
“So you just obeyed?”
“It’s nothing. The lights were turne