Ma Tian’er’s defensive formation was carried away by the light of death, hit directly, and the whole person was enveloped in black light.
This is pure neutralization of life. The so-called ultimate puppet technique means that after life and death are neutralized, it becomes an immortal zombie while retaining powerful power. Lao Wu’s control is obviously very proficient. Those transformed gods This is how puppets are made.
If the balance is broken, there will be no good fruit to eat, and death will defeat life, which is a dead end!
Life conquers death?
No life can defeat death!
Death is the result!
True energy is just the activation, order is the result, and the end of all life is death, so when Ma Tianer was hit.
The outcome is already determined.
No one can change it.
The people in the taboo group also had different expressions. Hongtian’s gaze was still fiery. His right hand was holding it, filled with surging power. The power could destroy all power, and it could also destroy death. It was indestructible!
Not old and not young is very calm. As an old opponent of the Dead Man Group, seeing Lao Wu showing such tyrannical power, he is very calm.
After so many years, he finally did it.
/Can death really lead to heaven?
But until he has experienced it himself, this is not the answer.
It’s a pity that their opponents will suffer.
The confrontation of order is as powerless as a baby to a master in the realm of gods.
The light of death enveloped Ma Tian’er, and she seemed to have given up. Once enveloped by the power of law, spells and other spells had no effect at all, and could not change the result. It was just a futile struggle.
But if you have to struggle even if it’s in vain, how can you give up?
Ma Tianer slowly opened her arms, and the light of death invaded without resistance, and was completely inhaled by Ma Tianer.
The black light disappeared.
Suddenly the whole place fell silent. Is it over?
Facing the law of death of the Dead Man Group, there is no resistance at all. Either the Dead Man Group will not be allowed to use it, or it will be hit, otherwise it will be a dead end.
In the confrontation of laws, it is extremely dangerous. To attack first is to seize the opportunity. Once the opponent uses it, he may not even have the chance to fight back.
Zhou Qian’s holy statue has fully verified this point, and it cannot be fought unless it encounters an extremely evil opponent.
Most monks understand the law through fighting, and they will also fall into contradictions. If they don’t try and don’t have the confidence to try, it means they have limited confidence in themselves and their achievements will be limited. But if they try, the risk of failure will greatly increase. This is also Many powerful monks face choices.
But Lao Wu changed his color.
Ma Tianer’s eyes were still clear, and his power of death had c