“Brother Meng, we have become rich again, should we do something?” Zhang Xiaojiang was very lively.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Let’s go. Since we have come to Shengtang Pavilion, it is not a problem to return empty-handed.”
Wang Meng had the thousand-year-old ebony essence in his hand, but he still needed a five-element earth-based spiritual object. He had all the materials needed to clear the fifteenth level.
The things sold in the Shengtang Pavilion are much more expensive than those in the hall, but there are also many high-end skills. Wang Meng is almost a shopper. Regarding the Shengtang swordsmanship and even some analytical magic bamboo slips, he harvests them in batches. Xiao Jiang was stunned.
“Brother Meng, can you practice with so much?”
Most people just come to Shengtang Pavilion and choose a sword technique that suits them. There is no one like Wang Meng.
“It’s always good to see more.” Wang Meng smiled. Not only were there things about sword cultivation, but also alchemy cultivation, and weapon refining. Wang Meng took a copy of them all. It was like spending money like water.
It didn’t take long for the two Qiankun bags to be filled. Shengtang Pavilion was still very powerful. In addition to Li Tianyi’s Jiutian Lihuo Sword, which belonged to the Li family, Yang Ying’s sword skills and Ning Zhiyuan’s Sacrifice were all available for purchase. Of course, when purchasing this kind of technique, an elder will confirm the identity and deduct a high fee.
/These exercises are not top-secret, and neither demons nor evil cultivators can practice them. The most important exercises are dead, while people are alive. If different people practice the same exercise, the results will be very different.
Zhang Xiaopang also bought a few archery skills. After the Baibao Hall meeting, he will prepare for the competition with all his strength. It will also be a battle that determines the fate of Lei Guangtang.
Now Zhang Xiaopang and others are the main force of Lei Guangtang. Although they are still young in joining the hall, their talents are there and their strength is indeed much stronger.
If you practice this thing for a long time, you will definitely know more, but the longer the time, the better. Many practitioners in the church, such as Li Changfu, who are engaged in service, have been practicing for a long time, but at this stage of their life, they are basically The first thing is to try every means to improve the level of Yuanli and increase longevity. I have long forgotten about strength, ascension and so on.
/While Wang Meng was taking Zhang Xiaojiang to purchase, Yan Yuyue had already left the temple with her junior brothers and sisters. Finding this sword was already a top priority, and she needed to go back and confirm it as soon as possible.
The Baibao Tanghui has completed the last three days of shopping and it has come to a successful