As it spread its wings, the white phoenix turned into a torrent of sword energy, enveloping Liang Yuan with an arc.
Liang Yuan’s Great Universe Sword slashed at Kong Chu with mighty force, and he was lured away.
Suddenly Liangyuan’s hands and feet were cold and the sword energy in the sky was already attacking.
/rumble rumble
In an instant, the world in Liangyuan’s eyes turned into black and white. Why is this? ? ?
Why does the Phoenix Dance for Nine Heavens unfold?
/Why can someone change their swordsmanship? ! !
bang dong dong
Liangyuan fell from the air, facing the sky, his pupils were dilated and his eyes were blank. Why could someone change his swordsmanship! ! !
The combination of life marks of each sword technique has been refined many times, and any rash action may lead to a derangement.
The more advanced the swordsmanship is, the more this is true.
If Yang Ying knew, she would definitely tell him that she did not teach Wang Meng Feng Wu Jiutian Sword Technique. Wang Meng learned it from her moves. This is an ability to reverse the sword and infer the combination of life marks through the sword technique. , because no matter how complicated the sword technique is, it is completed through the basic combination of life marks.
Different paths lead to the same destination.
It’s just that it’s easy to say, this can only be done by those who are born for the sword.
Xianyuan Hall was quiet. All the disciples looked at Liangyuan. Liangyuan held his hand tightly and wanted to stand up.
After a long time, Liangyuan finally loosened his grip on his hand, closed his eyes tightly, and a drop of something crystal slipped down.
He really tried his best.
Sun Changxing sighed deeply. If he was born with Yu, why would he be born with Liang? Maybe Liangyuan was nothing, and the real Yuliang was Li Tianyi and Wang Meng.
It’s not that Liang Yuan is not good enough, but that he was born in this era of Li Tianyi and Wang Meng, which is the tragedy of others.
Wang Meng slowly raised Duan Tianya and waved his arms, and suddenly the world was filled with cheers.
Wang Meng~~~~~~~~~Mighty~~~~~~~~~
Zhang Liang’s intelligence network immediately sent out first-hand information. Lei Guangtang was making great progress, and Wang Meng was beginning to show his power. Who can stop him?
With an unprecedented six-game winning streak, Xianyuan Hall, which was ranked third in Shangsan Hall, was still unable to stop Lei Guang Hall.
The disciples of Xianyuan Hall burst into tears. They were preparing desperately for a fight with Lingyin Hall, but now they didn’t even have a chance to fight.
Baicao Hall, Yushou Hall, Huoyun Hall, Hengshan Hall, Feifeng Hall, Xianyuan Hall, Qiaoqian, Jia Sidao, Song Zhong, Tang Wei, Yang Ying, and Liangyuan all fell in the end.
Liangyuan never opened his eyes as he was carried out. His body was trembling and he was holding back. He was really embarrassed to see his fellow disciples.
At this moment, Qiao Qian and others understood very well. Perhaps Liangyuan w