Dill’s fire talisman became more and more powerful, and soon Hu Jing’s defense array became shaky. The chance to admit defeat was given, so there was no need for Dill to be polite.
Uh-huh… Two exploding fire talismans were attacking Hu Jing, and the defensive formation was bound to be broken.
At this time, Hu Jing suddenly gave up her defense and flew into the air. A sneer appeared at the corner of Dill’s mouth. With a wave of her hand, all the vines surged to chase Hu Jing in the air.
It’s so easy to run wherever you want.
If controlling spiritual beasts is the ability of the Yujutang, then controlling the plants in Xiaoqian World is the ability of the Baicaotang. Although there are relatively few offensive spiritual plants, they are not absent.
In mid-air, Hu Jing’s body rotated, her hands spread out, one on the left and one on the right, a fire talisman and an ice soul talisman.
Two talismans with completely opposite attributes were blasted out…
Dill is speechless, does this release have any meaning?
These vines themselves are very resistant to elemental attacks, and this lowest-level talisman can only damage a little bit of fur.
Hu Jing, who was in mid-air, suddenly put her hands together, “ice and fire explode!”
The fire talisman and the ice soul talisman collided violently, a strong light exploded, the ground shook violently, smoke filled the sky, and in the smoke screen, only a chirping sound was heard, a burst of talisman attacks from both sides, and sparks exploded.
Until calm is restored.
Everyone’s hearts were in their throats, especially the housewarming. He didn’t care about Lei Guangtang at all. The information he collected was mainly related to the Beast Control Hall. Who would have thought that Hu Jing was so powerful.
I really don’t know how she did the explosion created by the Fire Talisman and Ice Poli.
When the smoke cleared, Hu Jing stood there, her expression still so calm, and she was not exhausted from using the ice and fire talisman, but Dill had fallen to the ground, obviously being hit by Hu Jing’s talisman.
Ji Fei held his breath and waited for a while, hoping that Dill could stand up. It would be unlucky to lose in this first battle. It was amazing that the mixed use of the fire talisman and the ice soul talisman could produce such an effect. Unexpectedly, the most important thing is, I don’t know how she did it.
“In the first battle, Lei Guangtang Hu Jing wins.”
/Immediately, the disciples of Lei Guang Hall jumped up and waved their fists to signal to the disciples of Baicao Hall opposite.
Hu Jing walked down, “Fortunately, I did not disgrace my life.”
“Xiao Jing, it seems that you understand the meaning of water and fire, and you don’t even need the compatibility talisman.” Wang Meng said with a smile.
/“Haha, this is a powerful killer weapon. Of course you have to practice hard.”
“Congratulations, senior sister.”
Hu Jing was also very happy, but her natural calmness prevented her from being overly happy, because the ba