Wang Mengsuoming and the others drank happily, but Ma Tianer took Zhan Yingluo’s hand and left. In fact, while everyone was chatting, Ma Tianer noticed that this fair and lovely girl had been absent-minded.
Being held by Ma Tianer’s hand, Zhan Yingluo was indeed flattered and even a little dazed.
“Sister Yingluo, thank you.” The two came to Zhan Yingluo’s boudoir. When there were only two girls left, it was easier to talk.
Zhan Yingluo was stunned, “Wood Emperor”
“Sister Yingluo, if you don’t think I’m crazy how old I am, you can call me sister, or senior sister.” Ma Tian’er said with a smile. She could naturally see what Zhan Yingluo was thinking. Wang Meng was good at everything, but he was too attractive. .
“The sect leader is good at everything, but he doesn’t know how to take care of himself in life. I heard about it. Fortunately, you are here.” Ma Tianer explained.
Zhan Yingluo lowered her head. Ma Tianer’s radiance and temperament were too elegant for her to look directly at, “Actually, he takes care of me.”
Ma Tianer smiled slightly and looked at Zhan Yingluo as if she were her old self.
“I heard that sister Yingluo hasn’t joined the church yet?”
“I wanted to come, but my father didn’t agree. I” Zhan Yingluo felt a little embarrassed.
Ma Tian’er nodded. She had been in the Zhongqian Realm much longer than Wang Meng, so she naturally knew the influence of family relationships in this world of cultivation.
/“Sister Yingluo, are you worried?”
Looking at Ma Tian’er, Zhan Yingluo gritted her teeth and said, “Wang Meng has offended too many people. Although his sister helped, the three conferences did not work at all. The family is worried that the Zhan family is not a big family.”
“how about you?”
“I’m not afraid of death, but I’m stupid and can’t be of much help.” It’s not that Zhan Yingluo doesn’t want to, it’s just that she feels worthless.
Zhang Yang is one of the Eight Sages and has a bright future. Needless to say, Han Chuxue. Fatty Bai and Wang Shifeng are the chief managers. Even Zuo Jing and You Jing are very business-minded. They keep everything at home and outside in order, and Jiuguijiu is flourishing.
And she
Ma Tian’er gently held Zhan Yingluo’s hand, “You are great. Even though the sect leader is usually careless, he is also a proud person at heart. There are not many people who can catch his eye. You are one of them. You are very good at controlling spirits. If you have talent, why don’t you ask him for advice?”
/Zhan Yingluo was slightly startled, “Control the spirit?”
Zhan Yingluo suddenly remembered that the first time she met Wang Meng was at the Soul Controlling Association.
Ma Tian’er nodded, “Believe me, there is nothing in this world that he can’t do. Don’t worry about the three conferences. What you have to do is to look forward. If you want to keep up, you have to work hard. Unless you don’t want to keep up, We are together.”
Ma Tianer looked at Zhan Yingluo. Zhan Yingluo slowly raised he