way more than once.
Fortunately, the closer you get to Suzaku City, the more useful the identity of Xuannv Palace becomes. The bandits looked at Zhao Xinxin and Du Jingjing with salivation, but they really didn’t have the guts to offend the disciples of Xuannv Palace.
At this moment, three groups of people also gathered together – Li Yongsheng was almost recruited. Here, his official status was not easy to use, but it attracted hatred.
On this day, they passed through Ningping County, which was only more than 300 miles and less than 400 miles away from Zhuque City.
As I walked, I saw puffs of smoke rising from a distance in front of me, and faint cries could be heard in the wind.
“These guys,” Zhao Xinxin clenched her fists fiercely, “are simply too much.”
/The bandits were quite unscrupulous in their actions. They would snatch good things when they saw them and drag women into the woods when they saw them.
Even Zhao Xinxin and Du Jingjing were harassed. After revealing their identities, Deacon Du killed two people. After asking, she found out that the two people she killed were still good family members half a month ago – otherwise they wouldn’t have So blind.
As for bandits attacking Zhuangzi, they had seen it once. When they tried to dissuade them, they were told that they were disobedient and refused to pay money and food because they were local rich people. Since we manage the place, we must ensure that Li Shu’s way of survival, right?
/What’s particularly ridiculous is that the person from Zhuangzi also refused to communicate with Du Jingjing and others, saying that we can’t confirm your identity. If you really want to help, just go to the military service room and ask for reinforcements. We can still hold on for now.
If the local wealthy family is powerful enough, they can really block the small attack of the bandits. However, after Du Jingjing asked someone to inquire, he learned that there was someone in the village who was working as the deputy director of the Youzhou County Correctional Center, and the whole family was loyal and refused to join him. inverse.
Zhao Xinxin really didn’t like Jinshang, but when faced with this situation, she still wanted to save her, but the old woman in Binbei Double Poison asked, “If you want to take people away, can you guarantee their safe journey?” ”
There’s no way to guarantee it. Really, there are troops of bandits everywhere along the way. Li Yongsheng and the others have to be interrogated many times. It’s very dangerous for them to pass through, let alone protecting a large number of old, weak, women and children.”
Ordinarily, there are not so many bandits, but once people get used to taking things by force and getting something for nothing, they will degenerate very quickly – the two perverts that Deacon Du killed were still good family members half a month ago.
There was smoke rising in front, and it was obvious that the bandits were attacking Zhuangzi again.
When they got closer, everyone realized that the attacking bandits were only a