have expelled Master Shao from Qinglong Temple in the first place.
Therefore, they set the tone that the mortal world is the mortal world, and even the disciples below were notified a lot. These two disciples were going to Qinglong Temple to listen to the sermon, so they got the opportunity.
“Haha,” Zhao Yinhe laughed again, “Even Qinglong Temple doesn’t care about you, I don’t think anyone dares to care about you!”
“Is it just you who come to Motian Ridge to cause trouble?” This time, the voice came from the side. came from the corner door, and then, a tall and thin figure walked out, it was Zhenren Shao.
He snorted expressionlessly at Zhao Yinhe, “Kneel down and I’ll spare your life!”
“Haha, you want me to kneel down? Why do you have that?” The next moment, Zhao Yinhe’s laughter stopped suddenly, and he couldn’t believe it. He looked at Master Shao and asked, “Have you reached a high level?”
He knew that his combat effectiveness was a little worse than Master Shao, but since he dared to come, he must have a backup plan.
/But he never dreamed that the other party would advance to a high-level cultivation. If he had known that this was the case, he would not have dared to be so reckless even if he was killed.
However, there is no regret in selling medicine in this world. Master Shao shook his hands and punched out a piece of blue leather, “Don’t kneel? I’ll keep it.”
Chapter 433: Strengthening
this green leather is the method of Qinglong Temple, named For the Blue Dragon Scroll, relying on realm suppression to take down people is quite impressive.
Master Shao has more drastic methods, but this is Motian Ridge, and he can’t destroy his home, so using the Green Dragon Scroll is his helpless choice.
Master Zhao also knew how powerful he was, so he used a huge seal to block the green dragon scroll, but he stepped back desperately, sneering in his mouth, “It turns out that he only knows how to bully the small, holding the grass.”
Because he has advanced to a high level It was quite easy for Shao Zhenren to face the intermediate level cultivator. The big seal only blocked the leather for a moment before being rolled back by the cyan leather.
Zhao Yinhe was a bit confused. He was trying his best to escape now, and he probably still had time, but he came with such a fierce momentum that he was beaten in public and fled in embarrassment. How could this make him feel so embarrassed?
And he also knew in his heart that in the temple at Motianling, Master Shao would not attack with all his strength. Once he escaped from the temple, the attack would be much more violent.
“Why is Shao Zhunzheng so angry?” At this moment, a white light flashed from outside the courtyard and slashed towards the green dragon scroll.
The white light was clearly a flying sword, more than ten feet long.
“Look at the beating,” Zhang Muzi shouted sharply, and a thunder talisman hit Zhao Yinhe, “What I hate the most in my life is that more people bully younger people!”
“My aunt can’t stand it either!” Du Jingjing pulled o