be a bit outweighing the gains and losses, so no one came to make trouble.
But even so, there were several waves of people who followed them for a while.
In addition to these, there were also cultivators in twos and threes who cautiously stepped forward to inquire about their destination.
Li Yongsheng and the others would definitely not tell the truth, so they just said we were going north. As a result, some people wanted to accompany them.
/The secretary of the Gongsun family clearly rejected these requests because he could not guarantee that the other party would be a kind person.
Chapter 628: Thunder Valley Fame
: For the children of the Hidden World Family, it is extremely childish and ridiculous behavior to get themselves into possible big trouble just for a little sympathy.
But the funny thing is that their rejection actually gave those cultivators a sense of trust – in fact, anyone with some experience knows that people who are afraid of trouble will not have the idea of ??deliberately harming others.
So they also hung this group of people from a distance. Later, there were fifty or sixty people following them.
The Gongsun family’s chief cultivator had to stop, turn around and warn the other party again and again, you must stay one mile away from us!
Some people listen to this warning, but some people don’t take it seriously: The road is facing the sky, you care how I walk? This road doesn’t belong to your home.
There was some truth in what he said, so Li Yongsheng and the others continued on their way, and there were several groups of people behind them who were getting closer.
This situation lasted until the afternoon when Li Yongsheng decided that everyone should stop and rest for a while.
As soon as they stopped, the people who were following them also stopped, including those who were following far away. Among the groups of people who were following closely, two groups stopped loudly, and two groups felt that they stopped like this. It’s a bit bad, after all, it’s time to become official.
This time is equivalent to four o’clock in the afternoon. It’s not the right time to stop and rest.
/So these two groups passed Li Yongsheng. One group went forward for more than half a mile and stopped to rest. The other group had a keener sense and knew that something might be going on, so they moved forward for two miles before stopping. Come down, and then keep looking back.
The three cultivators of the Gongsun family turned around and looked for the closest group of people with dark faces.
There were twelve or thirteen people in this group, including two department cultivators, seven or eight production cultivators, two old men and one child.
The children of the Gongsun family asked directly, “Why do you stop when we stop?”
“We are willing to stop,” a senior cultivator replied coldly, “It’s none of your business!”
The Gongsun family couldn’t stand such an answer. , a cultivator said with a dark face, “I’ll give you ten breaths to get out of a mile away immediately, otherwise do