cooperate with each other in Western Xinjiang. It’s up to you to ask for help or not, but we will never fail to respond. Isn’t the Xuannv Palace worthy of your trust?”
“Shopkeeper Li,” Zhao Xinxin shook her head at him. ——Give me some face.
I mean, your attitude pisses me off! Li Yongsheng shook his head helplessly, “At that time, my source of information was not disclosed to Xuannv Palace, and I was not sure how many opponents there were. By the time it was confirmed, it was too late to notify.”
This explanation was a bit sincere, Li Hua said. The master nodded slightly, and then asked again, “So, how many people are there on the other side, and what are their cultivation levels?”
“Master Li Hua, why are you asking in such detail?” Gongsun Weiming was able to steal the conversation again.
Li Zhunzheng looked at him coldly, “Three Hunans are currently in turmoil, wild priests are rampant, and now the True God cult has entered. If this kind of thing is left in western Liaoning, can your Gongsun family just sit back and watch?”
/Gongsun Weiming smiled disapprovingly, ” Why is Lord Li Hua so angry? I know the number of people, three high-level real people, six mid-level real people, and eighteen high-level cultivators.” When the
people around heard this, they all took a breath. Liangqi, even Ding Qingyao was no exception, “Are they a fanatical believer of the True God Sect?”
“As a shallow believer, do you dare to go deep into Sanxiang?” Gongsun Weiming asked in return, and then revealed another big news, “They are here to destroy Lei Valley!”
Everyone was speechless. Most of the people present had participated in the war in Western Xinjiang, and they were quite clear about the combat power of the True God Religion – those fanatical believers, even when fighting abroad, were extremely destructive when they went crazy. surface.
After being silent for a long time, Lord Lihua spoke again, “Were they all killed by you?”
“Of course we were all killed,” Gongsun Weiming replied triumphantly, “If there were any fish that slipped through the net, I would have informed you long ago.”
Even though everyone was mentally prepared, they couldn’t help but be shocked when they heard this. Lord Ding looked at Zhao Xinxin thoughtfully, “Could it be using poison?”
For the cultivators of Middle-earth, using poison is Killing people is a relatively despicable thing, but cult followers are not considered human beings.
Ding Qingyao had no ill intentions, she just couldn’t imagine how the team that left Thunder Valley could kill such a huge force. There seemed to be no other way except using poison.
Zhao Xinxin has Binbei Shuangdu under his command. Not only are they ruthless, they also seem to be somewhat accomplished in using poisons.
“It’s not poison,” Li Yongsheng shook his head, “I used formations to separate them, and I also invited some friends to help.”
Ding Qingyao believed it when she heard that it was formations. She knew that Li Yongsheng was extremely accomplished in formations. High, plus in