ted in doing this, Gongsun Weiming naturally joined him.
Three days later, the Thunder Valley contribution point system came out.
As soon as this thing appeared, some people immediately felt the strong changes in Thunder Valley.
Mao Binzhao felt deeply about this change – because he no longer had the energy to make extra money.
In the past, when he worked, he had a quota every day. After completing the quota, he could be guaranteed to have enough to eat. He could still eat meat every three to five days, and his mother could guarantee two meals of porridge in the morning and evening every day.
If he behaves well, he can beg for an extra bowl of porridge for my mother.
/Later, the trend of exchanging labor for money emerged in Lei Valley. He found that if he worked more, the money he could earn would be enough for his mother to eat more – he could even help her buy food when someone opened a private stove. Eat two pieces of meat.
But as soon as the contribution point system was launched, he knew he would be very busy.
Contribution points quantify many things, and he no longer needs to be bound by how many quotas he completes every day.
The quota is now replaced by something called work points. The more work points you earn, the more contribution points you can exchange for.
In the past, after Mao Binzhao completed his quota of work, he could eat as much as he wanted, but he couldn’t take the food away – he could sell it if he could take it away.
At the same time, his mother could only drink water.
It is precisely because of this that he wants to earn some money after completing the quota to help his mother buy some food.
But now the work, after being quantified by work points, is transformed into contribution points, and the contribution points can be used to buy dry food, thin food, vegetables and meat. He only needs to work hard to earn work points. That is enough.
Anyway, the contribution points are his. After buying them, who he wants to give them to is his business.
If other people don’t work and want to use money to buy his contribution points, it depends on whether he is willing or not. It is not that he has to work for others in exchange for money, and then buy a private stove for me based on other people’s faces. Eat on.
As long as he is willing to work hard and earn a lot of work points, he can not only buy food but also clothes with his contribution points.
/The houses in Lei Valley are also being built in batches. The first batch will be built soon. It is said that contribution points will be needed to give priority to living in the houses.
If there is a house to live in, who would want to live in an awning? You know, it’s the twelfth lunar month now, and the house can not only keep out the rain, but also the wind. Of course, the stove can’t be built.
Earning work points can also be difficult or easy. Mao Binzhao believes that he is not only strong, but also good at craftsmanship. For example, when building a house, the walls he built are straight and vertical, which is a