nd suddenly opened up, a large net covering the man.
The man didn’t have time to stop his feet, and he suddenly turned into a rolling gourd and was tightly entangled.
Not far away, a high-level system editor was leaning on a stone to bask in the sun, with two crutches beside him. Seeing this, he sat upright and shouted, “Who dares to be so presumptuous?”
He was that person The young boss of the caravan was injured in both legs and was unable to walk.
A big white hand reached down from the air and directly captured all the big nets and people on the ground, leaving only a lazy voice, “Thunder Valley takes people for its own sake, you’d better not wander around.” .”
/Even in this area called Waigu, there is also the management team of Thunder Valley. How could such a big thing fail to attract their attention?
What’s even worse is that doing this is very disrespectful. Many practitioners are even willing to take five steps with blood for their own dignity. How can there be room for such unprovoked insults?
/However, when everyone looked at the big hand, they were all shocked. Then they stood up and held their hands, “I have seen Shopkeeper Li.”
“No need to be polite,” Li Yongsheng waved his hand, and without saying anything else, he led the people away with lightning. Once the True God believers went crazy in such a densely populated place, it would really have a huge impact.
The high-level production cultivator stared at this scene dumbfounded, and it took him a long time to come back to his senses: Come on, that guy is Shopkeeper Li, who is less than one person and more than ten thousand people in Lei Gu? But what would Xiao Ma do?
Then, he saw dozens of malicious eyes, looking at him up and down, and couldn’t help being surprised, “Old Zhang, Xiao Li, what do you mean?”
Lao Zhang laughed dryly, walked over and picked it up. His crutches said, “You have difficulty walking, let me help you carry things.”
Xiao Li pulled out a piece of beef tendon and snorted coldly, “Second Young Master, we are all sitting together, so we want to meet each other in these few days. In terms of love, I advise you not to ask for trouble!”
The corners of Gao Ershao’s mouth twitched, “Damn, he is just a hired worker of my family.”
Li Yongsheng carried the man into the inner valley and bumped into Du Jingjing.
Seeing that he was holding someone in his hand, Du Zhenren frowned slightly, “Who is this?”
“Cultist,” Li Yongsheng replied casually. Then he looked down and found that after being restrained, the man had no intention of committing suicide. More of a feeling of despair.
When Du Jingjing heard this, her eyes lit up, “Leave it to me and I will search for souls.”
Li Yongsheng did not rule out soul searching for these cult members, but he still persuaded him tactfully, “I have seen you searching for souls several times. Doing too much of these things is bad for your health.”
“Doing too much of what is bad for your health?” A voice sounded behind Li Yongsheng. When he looked back, he found Gongsun Weiming st