swish swish
Arrows that condensed with pale brilliance flew out.
They rubbed Enzo’s face, top of his head, torso, and inner thighs, flew into the distance, plunged into the ground, and disappeared, leaving the “winner” unscathed.
It has to be said that such a marionette is simply an artifact for adventurous exploration. Klein sighed sincerely, and Enzo turned his attention to the building below:
It was a blacksmith shop, and a giant with blue-black skin and a head like a smashed watermelon was holding a sledgehammer and kept hitting the chopping board, but there was nothing on it.
Because the giant’s “spiritual body thread” with its split head was normal and did not belong to someone else’s soul, Klein quietly breathed a sigh of relief.
Just as he was about to ask Enzo to observe further, his body suddenly became paralyzed and his thoughts slowed down.
He had felt this way before. When he was affected by the sealed object “2049” in Tingen City, he was in a similar state.
In the past, Klein didn’t know the essence. After becoming a “Secret Puppet Master”, he realized that it meant that his “spiritual body thread” was controlled by the sealed object.
This means that he is now under the control of the “Spirit Thread”
Moreover, what was different from the past was that not only the joints of his body were “rusty”, as if they had been filled with glue, but he also had a strong sense of paralysis as if he had been struck by lightning, making it even more difficult to perform movements.
Unfortunately, it was a predator from the spiritual world. I was wary of it using its soul to distract me. It approached secretly, but I didn’t expect that it had a collaborator besides the soul. The giant blacksmith made me careless. The existence of marionette made me neglect my own safety. Various thoughts popped up uncontrollably in Klein’s mind, interfering with his normal thoughts of self-rescue.
/At this time, the giant blacksmith with a split head picked up the sledgehammer and rushed towards Secret Puppet Enzo with one step, intending to smash him into pieces. However, there seemed to be a cold wind blowing around Klein’s neck, irritating his hair. One by one stands up.
In the originally unusually quiet place, one after another strange creatures emerged from the pale stone pillars, from the broken houses, and from the tombstones and mausoleums.
Some of them only exist in the upper body, some are so transparent that they are almost invisible, some are stretched and soft like noodles, some have split chests and abdomens with bloody internal organs, some have green faces like evil spirits, and some have blood everywhere on their bodies. They have eyes, some of which look like jellyfish living in the air.
Countless eyes were directed at Klein from different places, emotionless and indifferent.
At this moment, Klein opened his mouth with difficulty and spit out a word dryly and slowly:
Before he finished speaking, a mouth was cracked on the glove on his left hand, revealing white teet