After searching for another twenty minutes, Shadow Waiter was the first to discover the situation. Shadow Waiter was 40 meters in the air and could see farther targets.
/It was a small camp. Because the camp adopted a camouflage pattern specially designed for the Guardian Star, it was difficult to spot the camp from the air.
The reason why Shadow Attendant discovered the existence of the camp was because a soldier happened to come out of the camp, seemed to be setting up something, and then returned to the camp.
It was precisely for this reason that Shadow Attendant paid attention to the observation of the camp area, and then discovered the existence of the camp.
Because he only saw one soldier, David was going to get closer to see if there was any Chaofan before calling Kenny Chaofan. Otherwise, just some soldiers asking Kenny Chaofan to come over would also affect Kenny Chaofan’s search.
Shadow Attendant was forty meters in front of David, carefully exploring the path.
Especially the place where the soldier came out to decorate just now, the shadow attendant was even more concerned.
Sure enough, here David saw a hidden scanning state through Shadow Attendant’s eyes. As long as there is life moving nearby, this instrument will alarm.
Shadow Warrior’s hand went through the shell of the instrument. This instrument was too ordinary and easy for David to crack. Shadow Warrior’s 200 grams of power was enough.
In fact, this thing can only be cracked by Shadow Warrior so that it will not sound an alarm. The other methods are to use signal suppression to approach the instrument without being discovered.
But who would carry signal suppression equipment with them? Even David, who owned a bunch of space wristbands, did not bring such equipment.
Shadow Attendant’s hand entered the instrument, selected a button, and pressed it lightly. The instrument then lost its ability to scan externally.
David believed that there would be such instruments in other directions, but he only needed to disarm this one to get close to the camp.
Arriving at a location twenty meters away from the camp, the people in the camp did not notice David’s presence, probably because they trusted the scanning equipment too much.
Shadow Warrior also entered first, but this time Shadow Warrior felt a barrier first. Although Shadow Warrior passed through the barrier, he also let David know that this camp was actually equipped with an energy shield.
Being able to install an energy shield on the tent, the owner of this tent is not an easy person.
Shadow Attendant entered the tent. The tent was about thirty square meters in size and divided into two layers: inner and outer.
The first thing Shadow Attendant saw was the outer layer. Sitting on the outer layer were six soldiers wearing exoskeleton armor. Each of them held a second-grade weapon in their hands, and the exoskeleton armor on their bodies were