oked at Li Yongsheng and said with a smile, “Little brother, you are very confident. I wonder what kind of person is worthy of your action?”
Li Yongsheng smiled proudly, “A real person is almost the same. Si Xiu doesn’t know enough about it, so I hope you’ll be more knowledgeable.”
What he showed was a lively and flamboyant young man, with a high-spirited and arrogant attitude.
The two brothers who were killed by Tianmu had a spiritual connection. They both frowned and couldn’t help but glance at Master Bao.
Zhang Muzi and Du Jingjing looked at each other and could see the deep smile hidden in each other’s eyes – they really didn’t expect that Li Yongsheng had such an out-of-the-box face.
Mr. Bao looked at the other party blankly, then grinned, “Little brother, you are so ambitious. How many real people have you killed?”
“Killed” Li Yongsheng hesitated for a moment, frowned before speaking again, “It’s enough to maim, why kill people?” ?”
Mr. Bao’s heart trembled for no reason, but a mocking smile appeared on his face, “So you haven’t killed before, so you are bragging. I tell you, there are different feelings between hurting and killing. ”
After a pause, he spoke again, “Men are meant to kill, and hurting others is just a child’s play.”
“Exactly,” Li Yongsheng snorted disdainfully, his expression looking a little unnatural, “I just haven’t met anyone who deserves to be killed. Man.”
/Master Bao finally confirmed that this Han family kid was indeed a fledgling. He smiled disapprovingly, “So it turns out that if you stay at home all the time, you really won’t meet anyone to kill.” ”
Of course it is. ,” Li Yongsheng snorted and replied matter-of-factly, “Anyone who kills his own family is called crazy!”
Master Bao couldn’t help but choked, what kind of logic does this guy have? But there seems to be something wrong with what I said.
“Okay, everyone can leave now,” Zhang Laoshi said. He was a provocative person and knew that Li Yongsheng had aroused the other party’s interest, and now it was time to whet the other party’s appetite.
“You are so rude, a little craftsman!” Mr. Bao glared at him unhappily. This is the second time you have been rude. “Do you have the right to interrupt when we are talking?” ”
He Of course you can interrupt,” Li Yongsheng said loudly, “Don’t say you are a hidden person, even the hidden family, my Han family’s manufacturer can also interrupt!”
Master Bao suddenly frowned when he heard this. , said unhappily, “Who said I was hiding my head? Have you asked me about my identity? Young people, don’t be too self-righteous!” ”
Exactly,” Li Changsheng smiled disdainfully and replied energetically, “No. You are so self-righteous, can you still be considered a teenager? Do you dare to reveal your identity?”
“Brother, don’t inquire about other people’s identities casually,” Du Jingjing spoke up in time. She glanced at Master Bao suspiciously and spoke warily, “People are in the world. It’s better to keep a little distance.”
Her acting skills can compete for Oscar awa