or twenty thousand, but it’s so difficult to pay for it now?
” The 5 million and the 20,000 offered now are closely related to the cause and effect of the first time between the two.
Boss Zhu knew this well, but 20,000 silver dollars was still a big burden for him. He smiled bitterly and said, “Can it be a little cheaper?”
“It’s really shameless,” Qin Tianzhu scolded directly , he looked at the other party with disdain, “You still have to bargain for 20,000 yuan, but I still have to give you a guarantee. Do you want me to lend it to you?”
He didn’t have so much money, but he believed that if the matter was reported to the clan, the clan would They will also lend the money, and the Qin family doesn’t care whether they can get the money back – it’s better not to get it back!
By then, the Qin family would have reason to get involved in the Agricultural Division’s territory.
“Then I’ll give it a try,” Boss Zhu lost his temper, “I’ll bring the money over at this time tomorrow.” In
good conscience, the 20,000 silver dollars Li Yongsheng asked for was not too little, but it wasn’t too much either. Just right.
Asking for less is being petty and shows that he lacks confidence. If he asks for more, Boss Zhu will most likely choose to overturn the table.
In fact, Boss Zhu wanted to flip the table now. After leaving the Bowen Institute, he glanced sideways at the repairman next to him, “I said, you still want to talk to him about those humiliating conditions at the beginning?” ”
No! What should we do?” Si Xiu rolled his eyes at him, “Can you bear so many dead people? Even if you want to break the pot, don’t involve the farmer, okay?”
Boss Zhu was lectured and had nothing to say, he If he is willing to give up, his uncle cannot.
After a long while, he sighed, “Oh, 20,000 silver dollars, that guy is really cheap.”
“It’s not necessarily cheap,” Si Xiu grinned and spoke grimly, “When those people wake up, they will know that they were kidnapped. He has made a plan, can you let him go?”
Chapter 64: The Witch Cultivator’s Curse.
/Boss Zhu was true to his word. At noon the next day, he brought 20,000 silver dollars – strictly speaking, it brought value. Twenty thousand silver dollars in gold.
Twenty thousand silver dollars was too much, and it would take at least two repairmen to move it.
Gold is much simpler. One hundred silver dollars is worth one tael of gold. Twenty thousand silver dollars is only two hundred taels of gold. An ordinary person can lift it with one hand.
Li Yongsheng refused to accept the gold and raised his chin, “Senior Qin, please click on it. I’ll ask you for twenty thousand silver dollars later.” ”
Isn’t that right?” The Autobot frowned, “What does it have to do with me?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him and smiled, “You are the guarantor. This is what you said.”
The two hundred taels of gold had an unknown origin, so he couldn’t just accept it. There is no crime of unknown origin of huge amounts of property here, but the guy named Zhu If you are too careless in doing things, y