Jiuguijiu is very popular, especially among some nobles and high-level monks. Many people are also because of the Fire Emperor. This influence is too powerful.
But Wang Meng still got into trouble.
Dionysus is famously stubborn and doesn’t care about money, but people say that Dionysus’ wine is better, more fragrant and more expensive than Dionysus’ wine.
This is absolutely intolerable.
So Dionysus wants to fight with Jiuchen!
Seven hundred confidence
In the Artifact Pavilion, Liu Yulong admired Pang Hong very much. To be honest, he really didn’t expect that a place like Wangcheng could produce such a genius.
Yang Qi’s level is only average in the Artifact Pavilion, but it is really a miracle that he can teach such a disciple.
Pang Hong has a lot of rough spots in the basics, but his comprehension ability is top-notch. As long as he corrects it with pointers, this kid can not only understand it, but also draw parallels.
Once you reach the level of master, you can no longer be regarded as a master. In the Artifact Pavilion, being called the guiding guild leader and handing Pang Hong to him is a kind of respect in itself.
If the guidance is good, it will also be his glory. Now it seems that he has determined this honor. Pang Hong and Zhuo Meng are both geniuses, but they are of two types.
Zhuo Meng is comprehensive, meticulous, and determined. He is a rare weapon-refining genius with no blind spots.
/Pang Hong actually has a lot of problems, but his rare spirituality is indeed the envy of any weapon refiner.
There is no doubt that Zhuo Meng will definitely achieve great things, but Pang Hong may not be able to compare with him in terms of overall height, but it is possible to create one or two artifacts that will be handed down from generation to generation.
Liu Yulong is envious, but he is not jealous of anything, because in Pang Hong’s current situation, there is no way to stop him. Gold will always shine. Instead of shining in the hands of others, it is better to be with yourself, at least there will be a favor in the future. read.
However, Liu Yulong also heard a very strange news recently. Having reached the level of a weapon refiner, he actually doesn’t care much about the outside world, but this matter is indeed a bit strange.
Seeing Pang Hong finish one stage, Liu Yulong also waved, “Pang Hong, I heard that Wang Meng called Master Wang Meng Uncle. What’s going on?”
“Master Grandmaster, he is indeed my uncle and my benefactor.” Pang Hong said respectfully.
It’s hard to imagine that someone like Pang Hong, who used to make some extra money, would change so much. People will change when a whole new world opens before them.
Liu Yulong is also a powerful person in the Divine Artifact Pavilion. He couldn’t help but smile when he heard this, “Actually, when you reach this stage, you don’t need to care about family power. In terms of strength, there is nothing comparable to the Shangsan Conference in the entire cultivation world. You will know better in the future.”
Liu Yulong thought th