, summoned Count Landau.
Gongsun Weiming noticed that things were developing strangely and immediately came to report to the camp.
After hearing this strange news, Baicao Shengxiang also ran over. This temporary camp only covers an area of ??more than three acres. The news should not spread too quickly.
Li Yongsheng quickly made a decision, “Inform Zhang Laoshi, how many people are there in each of the two families?”
Gongsun Weiming pondered for a moment, “I estimate there are only sixty or seventy people.”
Li Yongsheng laughed, “What a courageous person.”
“Mercenary groups are all like this,” Liu Qi said nonchalantly, “What they eat is adventurous food.”
Gongsun Weiming replied with a bitter face, “But I think what they mean is You want to command us, how can we do this?”
“Let them dream,” Baicao Shengxiang replied without hesitation, “If you can cooperate, just cooperate, if you can’t cooperate, forget it.” ”
That’s it,” Li Yongsheng waved his hand very simply. “They attack the east, let’s attack the west.”
“Well,” Gongsun Weiming pondered for a moment before speaking, “What if they break their promise?”
Baicao Shengxiang replied proudly, “I didn’t expect them to cooperate and they were unwilling to cooperate. We have no losses.”
Li Yongsheng pondered for a moment, and then decided to take a step back, “Forget it, let’s negotiate in the past. If you can’t believe us, there’s nothing you can do.” What
he wanted to do was to minimize the losses of the heroes of Middle-earth. In the current situation, In this situation, the two sides are natural allies. If they can get some help, they will work hard to get some.
Of course, he was also slightly curious in his heart: How blind are you if you can regard us as friendly forces?
However, when both sides sent three people from each side to find a secret place to contact, he realized that it was quite normal for them to misidentify friendly troops.
The reason is simple, everyone wears too much.
Chapter 792: Impossible to Be Noble
The weather in Rouran’s snowstorm is really as bad as it gets.
/People who go out are all covered up, with only one pair of eyes exposed – in fact, they wish they could even have their eyes covered.
In this case, it is difficult for ordinary people to identify the other person’s race. The most they can do is look at their height and analyze it.
/The meeting took place behind a small snow hill. Four people came from Ivan Kingdom – one of them was Count Landau who was invited.
Two people came to Li Yongsheng’s side, namely him and Gongsun Weiming.
Hai Feisi was quite unhappy that Li Yongsheng and the others refused to accept the command.
Grand Duke Tiefu’s daughter was also tightly wrapped, but from her dim eyes and weak voice, it could be judged that her injuries were not minor.
More importantly, she was wrapped in messy clothes, and even the two boots on her feet were of different styles and colors. At first glance, she looked really embarrassed.
Hai Feisi noticed the disdain in Li Yongsheng’s eyes an